Recession-Proof Your Products: Stretching Isn't Just for Relaxers!

As a recovering product junkie, I am always on the prowl for ways to acquire hair products that I love (or want to try out) for less than full retail, or reinvent uses for products I already have. In my journey, I have discovered that there are just some things that it makes little to no sense for me to spend money on -- like leave-in conditioners, moisturizing lotions/sprays, and "hair oils". Why? Because I can make them my darn self...and they work just as well, if not better. Are you ready to recession-proof your hair products? Keep reading, as I share with you a few of my favorite tips:

#1: I Leave My Leave-In on the Store Shelf.
The best Target spray bottles to use.
Sure, the product junkie in me has wanted to try an array of leave-in products, despite me having the regular conditioner in my arsenal at home. Theoretically speaking, leave-ins are a lighter version of the full conditioning product anyway. How do you make something lighter? My simple solution is to dilute it with water. Grab a spray bottle from Sally's or Target's travel section, squeeze in some of your favorite condish, add water, shake well, and spray! Play around with the ratios to figure out which works best for your hair. If you find your hair is too oily after your hair has dried, add more water (and vice versa). Not only does your hair get the conditioning it needs for refreshing (without the likelihood of hydral fatigue), it allows you to make your bottle of conditioner last longer!
DO NOT use this Target spray bottle. It comes out in STREAMS!

#2: Making My Purchases Work For Me...

In a future post (soon to be complete, I promise!), I write about reconsidering my use of Shea Moisture's Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Let it just suffice to say that I really like the product, and its uses are very versatile. However, I have learned that using too much (and on wet hair) leaves "white stuff" in your hair until it dries. Also, because it is such a rich product, it builds up quickly. What's a girl to do? Go out and buy the Curling Milk or Mist instead? Absolutely not. I simply scooped a few knifefuls (the neck of my spray bottles are small...don't judge me) of the Smoothie into a spray bottle (I added some Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, and Infusium 23 Repair & Renew just to show my hair some extra love), and added water. Guess what? Shake n' spray! This mixture works well and does a great job of sealing in my leave-in moisture without weighing my hair down or giving me too much buildup. Plus, Shea Moisture's products retail for about ten bucks a pop...this method allows me to streeeeeeeetch those jars out.

#3: I Don't Get Hair Oil on the Hair Aisle.
I tell folks all the time, the cooking oil aisle at Whole Foods or Sprouts is my new BFF. Forget all that Dr. Miracles, Hot Six, African Mystic Royal Amazingly Fantastic Super Mega Gro Oil business. Chances are, they tout ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, etc. as their mega-moisturizing, healing, and life-changing ingredients. That's cool and all, but the ingredients they're marketing to you more times than not, are not in the top 5 (sometimes even top 10) ingredients. Translation: There ain't that much ______ (insert miracle oil here) in there. And this is why the cooking oil aisle is my new BFF. Why waste my money on an oil mix that only contains a few drops of my favorites, when I can just buy the darn jar myself? Buying a few different oils (to make your own mixes) may cost a little more than buying a bottle of the hair aisle, but you end up saving your money (and your hair) in the long run. A jar of coconut oil and a bottle of castor oil last me for months, and they're 100% pure and unrefined. Plus, they have alternative beauty uses. Oh, and I guess I could cook with them too. Talk about a win-win-win-win. 

What money saving methods do you use when it comes to your hair? Share!!!


  1. Very informative post! I am also learning to use what I have on hand to stretch my dollars or go the economical route that will save me money in the long run. Thanks for the tip on the spray bottle because the ones I have are terrible.

  2. Thank you! I am going to continue recession-proofing posts, because I really believe that healthy hair doesn't have to be terribly expensive. It's all about making better decisions, and making your purchases work for you!