Sally's Dark Side?

As a recovering product junkie (I am taking things one day at a and trial-and-error queen, stores with lenient return policies have become my new BFF when it comes to hair products and tools. I love Sally's, because as long as you have the original packaging and a receipt (inside of 60 days), you will get 100% of your money back. Even without a receipt, they'll give you store credit (as if store credit for Sally's is EVER a bad thing!). Knowing this, I found myself at Sally's recently to return my Denman-esque brush ( least for me), and exchange my blue Flexi Rods for the smaller red ones.

As I learned today, having such a forgiving return policy does have a dark side. After grabbing my red rods, I debated trying out a new detangling tool, since the Denman-esque brush was a no-go (I ended up with an Aphogee product instead...but more about that later). The interwebs have been abuzz lately, with praises for a product known as the Tangle Teezer. Me being me, I pulled one off the shelf and opened a box to get a look at the teeth/bristles. What did I see? Yeah, the staggered bristles confused me...but beyond that, I was completely grossed out when I realized someone's kinky hair strands were lodged between them. Gross. Now, I can't knock the Teezer's previous owner for returning a product that didn't work for them. But come on Sally's...if you're gonna sell a previously used product, at least clean/sanitize it, and put it on the clearance rack.

Of course, I notified the sales attendant that the Teezer was used, and she promptly removed it from the rotation. But in the future, I will be paying extra close attention to every product I pick up off of a Sally's shelf. Hopefully, this was an isolated incident and not a normal practice. Just a heads up, chicas... double-check anything you're about to purchase from Sally's.

Happy haircare shopping!!!! (Just pay a little more attention)

Now I'm off to prep my hair for some flat twists for tomorrow....yee! Fresh feature on the Aphogee product coming soon :-)