Super Cute Style: Messy Bun + Flat Twist Crown

Lately, I've been a little bored with my protective styling routine. To break out of my rut, I've decided to invest a little more time and creativity into my styles. First up is a remix to my big all-day bun, by adding a flat twist that curves around the front of the hairline like a crown.

Disclaimer: I'm a newbie to flat twisting...kinda. I tried to learn a while ago, gave up, and I came back determined to master it. Hopefully, they'll get better as I go along.

What you'll need to get the look:
  • banana clip
  • bobby pins 
  • scrunchie or some sort of clip to separate your front hair
  • wide tooth-comb
  • soft-bristle brush
  • water (optional, just my preference)
  • your favorite detangling agent (if your hair isn't already detangled) [for me: Kinky Curly Knot Today]
  • your favorite edge slicking/holding product [for me: EcoStyler gel]
  • your favorite light moisturizing product [for me: my recession-proof leave-in spray and coconut oil]
Got your stuff? Let's go!

Step 1: Prep hair by spritzing it with water, light moisturizer [leave-in spray], and coconut oil.
Step 2: Section off the front/center portion of hair with a wide toothed comb, and keep it separated with a scrunchie.
Step 3: Apply holding product [EcoStyler gel] around the edges of the hair, and slick with a soft-bristle brush.
Step 4: Secure hair just as you would in a high ponytail, but using the banana clip instead.
Step 5: Fold hair forward, tucking the ends and securing with bobby pins.
Step 6: Take down the separated front hair, and ensure it is detangled. Apply a little bit of gel, and flat twist the hair, beginning the twist at the point closest to the bun. Ensure the flat twist comes forward, curves around the hairline, and ends back toward the bun. Secure ends of the flat twist with bobby pins.



  1. I really love that curved flat twist in the front. I definitely have to try this out especially since I've just started a new job and new hair ideas.

  2. Thanks! I'm still a novice at flat twisting, but I am determined to get better. I frequently wear buns to work, and I am always looking for different elements to incorporate so I don't get bored.