Watch Out Now!

In a post a while ago, I let it be known that I was on a quest for some HeyFranHey-esque hair. Now I know, coveting someone else's locks isn't exactly healthy, in terms of accepting and loving my hair for what it is. But in the six months that I've spent transitioning, I have developed a pretty good sense of what my hair will look like once it is heat damage free. And I'm excited. I may not get Fran's loose loopy curls, but I ain't that far off. And while I definitely want her length, I am more of a fan of her volume. In the meantime though, I will fake it til I make it.

In my fresh feature, I showed y'all what my hair looked like the morning after my Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobab Anti-Breakage Masque. What you didn't get to see was the sheer AWESOMENESS was my hair, once fully dry and whipped about in the winds. I was in love.

Check it out! Days like this get me all antsy and uber excited about my hair's potential. Have you ever had a hair day that made you say, 'watch out now!'?