A True Testament...

A long time ago, I learned that you can't rely on other people to encourage you -- sometimes, you have to high-five and pat yourself on the back for your milestones and accomplishments. Today, I'm doing just that. Since I began my natural hair journey and no heat challenge, diligence and trial-and-error has been the name of the game. It can be incredibly frustrating to learn and figure out your hair's needs, but when you do... oh boy, when you do... you feel like you can conquer the world. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but I feel pretty darn good right now.

This afternoon while watching a Law & Order: SVU marathon, I decided to get a head start on detangling my hair. I grabbed my dynamic detangling duo (Tresemme Split Remedy and Infusium 23 Renew & Repair Leave-In), and added in coconut oil for a pre-poo. I followed my normal detangling steps: water spritz, Infusium spritz, slather on conditioner and coconut oil mix, finger detangle.Not only has finger detangling gotten easier (because I have the right products for me), but my shedding and breakage is way down. Shoutout to my vitamins and supplements, workout regimen, and protective styling!

I was supposed to flat iron my hair in August for my 6 month check-in, but I bypassed it. As my new hair grows in, I start feelin' my tresses more and more. I thought about doing it in September, but I might just hold it off until November/December... or maybe I'll just do the 1 year check-in!

ALL of my shed hair from detangling. Amazing, right?
I say all this to say... I know a lot of us get frustrated, especially those long-term transitioners dealing with relaxed or heat damaged hair. It gets tough, when some of your hair curls and the other parts look stringy and weak. Staring at split ends and breaks when you regularly trim sucks. I get it, and I totally understand. But don't give up. Find what works, and then do it consistently. Stay inspired. Encourage yourself. Don't lose sight of your goals. :-)


  1. loved this post, encouraging

  2. Hi Tina so love your blog..so I 'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but my hair is shedding and breaking.. every time i handle my hair it really breaks off..i moisturise, Dc every week and twist it at night and sleep with a satin bonnet so don't know why..any clue what i could be doing wrong?

  3. @BellaNubian, I'd love to be able to help! E-mail me at tinapatrice@gmail.com and we can discuss in more detail your regimen, products, and hopefully that'll give me some more context into your situation.