Dynamic Duo: Detangling!

I'm proud of myself. Lately, I have been able to effectively exercise more and more control over my product junkie tendencies. Instead of rushing out to try a new product, I am paying more attention to what is actually in my deep hair drawer. Many of the products I have, I love, but just wish they were a little more this, or a little less that, or had slightly more blah blah blah to it. So what you're going to see a lot more of on The Mane Objective is product mixing for perfection, otherwise known as Dynamic Duos. Some posts (like this one), are born out of necessity. Others, are to modify my products and make them work for me. Enjoy!


Ahh, detangling. Pretty much the bane of everyone's existence -- especially those with longer hair. Last weekend, I inexplicably woke up around 3am and felt the need to detangle my hair. Don't ask why... I just went with it. (I've said before that sometimes I dictate what my hair does, and sometimes it dictates what I do...this particular morning, my hair just happened to be the boss.) But I digress. On this particular morning, I found myself in a bit of a connundrum -- I only had a corner of Kinky Curly Knot Today left, I was fresh out of Coconut Oil, My Infusium 23 Repair & Renew bottle had just enough for one use, and I used the last of my Aussie Moist hena-ing about two weeks ago. I had a little bit of Tresemme Luxurious Moisture, but I knew I would be needing that for my leave in. I stumbled groggily into the bathroom, desperate for a solution that wouldn't have me hopping in the shower to detangle at such an ungodly hour. In my shower rack I found a nearly full bottle of Tresemme Split Remedy conditioner. Aha. I had forgotten about that purchase. I use Split Remedy intermittently, when I feel I need to give my ends an extra little boost...which explains the nearly full bottle. I had tried Split Remedy several times before as a conditioner/leave-in, and had relatively okay success. It wasn't the most moisturizing conditioner, but it definitely was a temporary fix for split ends. What I did recall enjoying about Split Remedy is how it just oozed out of the bottle, almost with the same consistency of a shampoo. Besides having an awesome smell, it also had a lot of slip. A LOT of slip. More slip than any conditioner I've tried to date.

Lightbulb moment: I was going to detangle my hair with Tresemme Split Remedy.

So at three o'clock in the morning, it was me, a spray bottle of water, a bottle of Split Remedy conditioner, my last little bit of Infusium, and reruns of Futurama. I chose to give my method the ultimate test, by finger detangling. I parted my hair into small sections, sprayed each section with water, followed by a few spritzes of Infusium, lathered it up with conditioner, and went to town.

With this super slippery leave-in and conditioner duo, detangling was a breeze. The slip of the combination of product was on par with (if not better than) Kinky Curly Knot Today. I was done detangling in a little under an hour -- a miracle in my book.

At the end of the following week, I tried shower detangling with the duo to gauge the results better. My hair detangled easier in the shower, but I have to offset that with moving slower, because wet hair isn't as strong as dry hair. All things considered, detangling time was about equal, and the combo was still effective.

The biggest benefit, besides the fact that it works incredibly well, and both products smell good is the cost effectiveness. An 8oz bottle of Kinky Curly Knot Today is $11.99 at the Target stores in my area. Granted, you don't use much of the product per section of hair. But when you have a lot of hair, or a lot of extra-tangled hair... you can easily use 1/3 or more of a bottle in one session. When that happens, $12 bucks a pop doesn't seem to be too worth it. On the other hand, Tresemme Split Remedy costs under $5 (around $4.64 to be precise) for a 25oz bottle, and Infusium 23 is under $8 ($7.84) for a 33.8oz bottle. For about the price of an 8oz bottle of KCNT, you can have a combined 58.8oz of detangling product!

 Sure, for those of you who don't believe in silicones and adore 100% natural products, this isn't that big of a deal, because you would never let this stuff touch your hair anyway. But for naturals looking to cut some financial corners, while still reaping some extra conditioning and strengthening benefits (both products DO live up to their claims... and there will be Fresh Features on them individually soon enough), this just may be your ticket.

Have you made any miracle products out of stuff in your haircare collection? Do share! E-mail tinapatrice@gmail.com and see your mixes featured on The Mane Objective!