Best Infomercial EVER!

Usually when I sit down and get ready to blog, I have a laundry list of things I want to share with everyone -- from updates to tips, products and beyond. This morning, I endured another epic detangle session, but it wasn't nearly as taxing as the one I shared with ya'll last time. This morning, something was different. I woke up with a little more patience. Not that "patience is a virtue" patience, or that "good things come to those that wait" patience, but that "I'm going to take my time and do this right, even though it's pissing me off, because my hair is changing and I need to get on board" patience. Maybe we'll call that patience mixed with a little bit of resolve and determination.

Topics like patience, gentleness with your hair, loving your texture, and whatnot can become somewhat trite and yawn-worthy. When I get annoyed with my hair, I like to lean on some of my favorite bloggers and vloggers for inspiration and a visual reminder of where I wanna be.

In today's quest, I stumbled upon this video that literally had me LMAO. Check it out. Hopefully it tickles your funny-bone and reminds you to take a chill pill or two while on this natural hair journey.


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