Don't Break The Bank: Co-Washing

As far as common natural hair practices go, co-washing is one of the most common. Every natural has their favorite go-to product, ranging from Aussie Moist ($6 for 29.2oz) to Aveda Be Curly ($79 for 33.8oz), and everything in between. With the burgeoning natural product market, it's all to easy for a transitioner or natural to find themselves slipping into product junkieism -- especially when it comes to conditioners.

In the quest for the perfect conditioner that will make hair shine, stronger, feel buttery smooth and spring-loaded, it's difficult to not let curiosity get the best of you -- and break the bank in the process. Keep reading to discover some of the most desired properties in a co-washing conditioner, the active ingredients, and affordable products that get the job done.

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This is by no means a comprehensive ingredient list. I definitely encourage everyone to check out their conditioner ingredient labels. What has your conditioner been doing for you?