How To: Rolly Polly Bun for Transitioners

As you all know, I have hopped on board with the Hairscapades Bunning Challenge. Albeit a little late, I have signed on nonetheless. For more information about what the challenge entails, click here.

I could've kicked the challenge off with a regular bun, but I felt like being a little cute. Armed with a banana clip (that I prayed would stay closed, since my hair was stretched) and several bobby pins, I got to work on what I've dubbed as the Rolly Polly Bun. Here's a quick tutorial:

Note: Nevermind the wardrobe changes. Whenever I bun, I always style my hair before hopping in the shower, so I have time to lay a silk scarf over my edges. I also changed outfits twice before leaving for work --I had a totally indecisive morning. Lastly, I realized once I got home this evening that I needed to photograph the middle steps for the tutorial... don't judge me. Lol.

I always like to start with a little bit of water, just to make my hair more workable --I spritz hair lightly with water all over, then add slightly more water to the edges. Skip this step if you like.

Lightly apply DIY fluffy styling cream to "prep" hair, and add slightly more to the edges. I like the cream versus gels, because my hair is guaranteed to stay soft, not dry out, and I think it just looks more natural. Use whatever slicking product you like, though!

Create twisty-hump thingie in the middle of the hair, securing midway with a bobby pin

Twisty hump thingie. I know, I need a better name for it.
Brush edges back with a soft bristle brush and secure hair with banana clip

Tip: Banana clips usually work best on stretched hair.
Grab the end of the hair inside of the banana clip, tuck, and begin rolling inward

Keep rolling until all the hair is back  over the banana clip, add bobby pins to secure

 All done!

Cute bun ideas you want to show off? E-mail pics to or tag me on Instagram @maneobjective and I'll feature them on the blog and IG!