Rick Ross Must Sleep....A Lot: The Connection Between Sleep & Facial Hair Growth [[Mane Men]]

I think I'm Big Sleep... Larry Snoozer

Happy Monday Fellas (and Ladies looking to share the info with your boys)!

I've decided to kick off the Mane Men series with the topic of facial hair. Why? Because well, facial hair is important to men and women. Findings from studies that date as far back as the 70's remain consistent with those done in recent years, and they all say the same thing: chicks dig facial hair. There is a caveat to that statement though. Here's how the studies (generally) break it down:
  • Men with light beards/stubble are perceived as the most attractive, and women are more likely to develop a short or long-term relationship with them.
  • Men with full-on Rozay beards are seen as the least attractive, and are also thought to be older/more matured, and aggressive. (Oh, so that's why I think Rick Ross is hideous.)
  • Men with no facial hair are, well, screwed. They are the second to last in attractiveness, but the least likely romantic partners.
Moral of the story: grow some. Women would rather be with an older, scraggly aggressive-looking dude than one that looks like a child molester. I'm sorry. Men with no facial hair look like they like children. Just my opinion, though. 

Anyways, on to the point of this post. Since you clearly need some, one of the best ways to get your facial hair growing is to hit the sack. Studies indicate that sleep deprivation at only 48 hours decreases facial hair growth by 19%. I'm sure very few fellas stay up for two days straight, but look at this way: If you average 7 hours of sleep per night, that's roughly 49 hours a week. If you cut that down to 4 hours a night (work hard, play hard), you've lost 48 hours of sleep over the course of two weeks. Keep that up for a month, and you're playing with close to 40% decrease in facial hair growth.

Why is this? To make a long story short, sleep is a restorative, repairative, and regenerating process for our bodies. These functions are far reaching beyond facial hair, too. We're talking muscle repair post-gym, skin health, hair growth on your head, and more. While both men and women sleep, our bodies undergo a process known as protein synthesis which creates optimal conditions for human growth hormone (HGH) release and tissue restoration. But, the protein synthesis and subsequent restoration does not occur until stage III and IV of sleep (the first two stages of deep sleep...right before REM). So if you're constantly cutting your sleep cycle short, your facial hair might be on #struggle.

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BF working on keeping his facial hair nice...
If you're interested in reading the study on sleep that I referenced, click here.


  1. I agree light facial hair is handsome on a man, however, in many less progressive, but highly lucrative industries the companies have a "clean shave" policy as a part of the dress code.

    So in order for some men to gain success in their chosen field they have to give up the college stubble:(

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