Coming Soon: Mane Men!

My handsome//awesome//amazing BF and Mane Men Advisor :)

As y'all  know, haircare is easily something we women obsess over -- dropping dollars on products and supplies, and spending hours on YouTube,  blogs, and Instagram. Many men don't  share the same zeal for hair....until they need some help.

That's why this week, I will be launching a new segment on The Mane Objective  -- Mane Men. That's right, there will be some help for the fellas! Products, practices, tips and more.
Stay tuned...and if there's  anything the fellas would like to see, drop me a line on Instagram or via email at!

Tell your hubbies, boyfriends, best friends, homeboys, boo-thangs, side-peices, cousins, daddies, uncles, and even your grandpa. I'm  excited!!!