World Premiere: My First Video!! (Satin Strip Braidout Tutorial)


It's been a long time coming for this video. I'm not a videographer, graphic designer, digital media expert, or video editor by nature. I don't have the fanciest equipment, or the best know how -- but I am learning. This video isn't perfect, but it's a darn good first attempt.

I've gotten several requests for a tutorial on achieving a perfect Satin Strip Braidout. Although the steps are listed here, I think a video gets the point across much clearer.

Let me know your thoughts!!!

P.S. -- I don't have a YouTube channel to subscribe to *yet*... Gonna work out the kinks in this whole video thing first.

Drop me some suggestions on videos you'd like to see!!!


  1. um, so you are a PRO at the vlogging + you need a youtube channel ASAP! love the satin strip braid-out idea + will def be trying it! your hair (+ you) look absolutely gorg. <3

  2. Good job. Easy to follow instructions. Who is the song by? Thanks