Let's Grow! Spring Forward Hair Growth Challenge!

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Hey hey everybody! With Daylight Savings Time in full effect (#shoutout to Dubya Bush for pushing it up 2 weeks back in '05), and Spring right around the corner, it's the perfect time for a hair growth challenge! I know, most grow-out challenges you've heard of (or participated in) have you just wear protective styles, or massage oil on your scalp for a month.

I don't play that...haha.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, then you know I'm big on approaching things from a holistic perspective. This challenge will be no different! Check the details:

The Mane Objective's Spring Forward Hair Growth Challenge
Official Launch Date: Wednesday, March 20th 2013 --- The first day of Spring!
Official End Date: Thursday, June 20th 2013 --- The last day of Spring!

This Challenge is all about hair education, growth, length retention, and building better haircare and health habits. When all the wheels are in motion, there is no stopping the health of your hair! For the first five weeks of the challenge, I will be rolling out tips, answering questions, and showcasing how to incorporate each element into your current hair routine:

Week 1: Gentle Hair Handling & Techniques
Week 2: Oils, Deep Conditioning & Moisture Retention
Week 3: Nutrition & Supplements
Week 4: Protective & Low-Manipulation Styling
Week 5: Healthy Hair via Healthy Body (Working Out)

By the time week 6 rolls around, we will have everything we need for optimal hair growth and length retention. So, how do you get involved? Easy!
  • Head over to www.facebook.com/maneobjective and click "Like" 
  • Upload a "before" length picture to the Facebook page, along with any other information (hair goals, regimen, etc.)
  • Upload an "after" length picture to the Facebook page, at the end of the challenge (between June 20th - 22nd)
That's all, and you're in! Be sure to check back here and on the Facebook page for challenge updates, tips and information. Feel free to upload cute styles, favorite products, and more on the Facebook page!

Oh wait, did I mention there was a PRIZE involved? Of COURSE there's a prize! What's a challenge without a reward? At the end of the challenge on Monday, June 23rd there will be a random drawing and the winner will receive..... drumroll, please.......


Who can say no to that? Sign up for the Spring Forward Hair Growth Challenge TODAY!!!

Stay up to date with the latest Spring Forward Hair Growth Challenge information:

Instagram: @maneobjective
Facebok: www.facebook.com/maneobjective
E-Mail: info@maneobjective.com 


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