Reflection: Healthy Eating Habits Overhaul Week 1

Last Sunday, I drank my last cup of coffee....and boy, was it delicious. I won't post the picture here (to avoid tempting myself), but if you check out my Instagram I'm sure you'll find it.

On Monday, July 1st I embarked on what I am hoping turns into a series of systemic, sustainable lifestyle changes that will help inch me toward my fitness goals. This first week was all about eliminating beverages with sugar -- added or otherwise.

I won't lie: it was ROUGH.

Actually, it was a lot tougher than I thought it would be...and I learned I was in super duper denial about my dependency on coffee. Drinking more water is something we should all be aiming to do, but there is nothing like being in multiple situations where water is your only option. Case and point: I had training Monday thru Wednesday for work. Monday, we had a department BBQ (don't think I didn't want the punch!) and every morning there was free flowing coffee. Open, available and free coffee. For a coffee addict.

Even my trips to Trader Joe's suffered. Normally, I grab my basket on the way in, swing by the demo kitchen for a cup of coffee (and maybe a sample), then go on about my consumer business. I must say, having to skip the demo kitchen made me a little sad...because their coffee is delicious.

I'm sure my obsessive rantings about coffee border on the crackhead-esque, which brings me to my final realization about myself. I have/had a coffee problem. Sure, I occasionally wanted some soda or juice this week, but the real deal hankering came from what I later discovered was me grappling with caffeine withdrawal.

Yes, it is a thing.

So much so, that there are some key symptoms:
1. Headache
2. Sleepiness
3. Irritability
4. Lethargy
5. Constipation
6. Depression
7. Muscle Pain/Stiffness
8. Lack of Concentration
9. Flu-like Symptoms
10. Insomnia

On the whole, I struggled mostly with 2, 4, 7, 8, and 10. Let my boyfriend tell the story, #3 also came into play (I deny such allegations). It was difficult to focus at work, I was constantly yawning and feeling sluggish, and getting through the most basic workouts was like hell. I couldn't run, between feeling like I would knock out on the treadmill, and my legs feeling like they had 30lb weights attached to them. I can honestly say I was only able to accomplish the bare minimum at the gym this week (30 - 45 minutes of cardio + some burpees). But the worst part of all was the insomnia. Being utterly drained throughout the day, and being unable to sleep until 2 or 3am is one of the worst experiences I've ever had in my life.

It forced me to accept that I had become more reliant on coffee than I was previously willing to admit. Let me tell the story, I drank coffee maybe twice during the week and a few times on Saturday and Sunday. I forgot to include those Trader Joe's demo cups (sometimes I went back twice...or three times, haha), and the coffee I mindlessly sipped on my way to and during meetings on a regular basis.

No doubt, this week has been a challenge -- but I am hoping that week 2 will bring me more stability, and I will have shaken the withdrawal symptoms. Plus, I've got to work on the fact that I've been eating more sugar since I stopped drinking it (wayyyy no bueno). The upcoming week will be a continued effort in drinking only water (and maybe some unsweetened tea), combined with the elimination of refined grains and carbohydrates.

Day two #stretched wash n go.... #naturalhair #transitioner
On the upside, my skin is clearing up!


  1. I believe imposing healthy habit is not accurate within 1 week.

  2. I always am shocked in my head when I see how much coffee my coworkers drink--and also how many people go to the Starbucks in the short time it takes me to run by. Every day, excess money spent on something that is terrible for you.

    I have also wondered to myself if mothers consider letting go of caffeine when pregnant or if they even see this socially acceptable dependency as a problem?

  3. Many people believe that drinking coffee is beneficial, but they do not even suspect that it can overstimulate their nervous system.

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