Small Business Spotlight + Product Review: Purgasm Shop

I'm not quite sure how I even came across Purgasm Shop, but I'm so glad that I did. Once I poured over their product offerings, I just KNEW I had to feature them. Some of their products sounded like they'd smell absolutely divine, and others seemed so unique to pass up.

Soooooooooo very excited about the goodies I got in the mail from @purgasmshop!!! I can't wait to test out the Wild Cherry Treatment Truffles, Cherry Poppin' Gel, and the Cocoa & Yogurt Facial and Poo Bar! I'm so excited about these #smallbusinessspotlight features ya'll! #naturalhair #naturalhairproducts #supportsmallbusiness #smallbusiness #purgasmshop
My Purgasm Shop Goodies :)
I was provided the Cocoa Yogurt Facial and Shampoo Bar, Wild Cherry Curl Poppin' Gel, and Wild Cherry Treatment Hair Truffles to test drive....and I must say I loved every single last product....down to the last drop.

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