Small Business Spotlight + Product Review: Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly and Butter than Love Pudding

I'm on a small business HIGH right now. Like, seriously. Every brand that I've reached out to and received products from, I pretty much LOVE. I'm ready to start kicking myself, like why didn't I think to start doing this sooner? Not only do I feel like I'm getting better quality ingredients, I feel better about my Product Junkie tendencies because well, my habit is fueling some good quality folks and their good quality products.

Like Wonder Curl.

Founded by Scarlett Rocourt, the Wonder Curl line was created out of sheer frustration with what was available to help give her hair the look she wanted. After growing tired of piling product upon product upon product to achieve a decent wash n' go, she began exploring and creating her own products that were easy to use, and would streamline the styling process. After months of research, trial, and error, Wonder Curl was born.

I was given the opportunity to test drive the Get Set Hair Jelly and Butter than Love Pudding, both of which I love. Click here to go on over to Naturally Curly and read my full review!

Next up on the #washngo menu: @wondercurl!!! I'm excited, can't wait to give it a run!!! #naturalhair #transitioner #productreview #supportsmallbusiness #wondercurl


  1. I like that small business is actively developing now. After the pandemic, this is especially important.

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