EcoStyler, Revisited

Many moons ago (as in March of 2012), I did a review of the yellow EcoStyler Gel with the red lid...The one with Argan Oil. For whatever reason at the time, I looked down my nose at gel.
Boy, am I about to eat all those words I wrote.
Inspired by how revisiting Apple Cider Vinegar has revolutionized my regimen (seriously), I found myself in a dilly of a pickle that forced my hand into a tub of green Olive Oil EcoStyler. In early October, I took advantage of the Soultanicals Fall Sale to stock up on a little Curl Blaze Hair Glaze and Fluffalicious Curl Nutricious. At the time, I had a wee bit of Curl Blaze left, as well as some Obia Curl Enhancing Custard. As the month wore on, my wash n' go's depleted the remainder of Curl Blaze...and my re-up hadn't arrived (Soultanicals was VERY communicative about shipping issues they were having at the time and since then, my goodies have been delivered). I also sucked up the last of my Obia doing my first fluffy braidout. By this time, I was drawing near to the weekend, and was in a bit of a panic. I knew I wanted to repeat my amazeballs braidout from the previous weekend, but with what product? Knowing my hair, I knew I needed something gel-esque.
ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Boosting Jelly?
 No, I'm not spending $16 on some temporary, tide-me-over gel.
Come on Christina, you've been down that road before.
Proclaim Clear or Orange random brand Gel?
Okay, now you're just reaching.
Hold that green jar.
Curls' Goddess Curls?
Needless to say, I ended up with the EcoStyler. It really boiled down to an economic decision and a prayer. It was only $5, and I prayed that the lifetime supply-sized vat would work decently enough for it to not waste away in my hair drawer. So I took it home, and set out to my first task: figuring out what products would "mix" with EcoStyler -- ya'll know what I mean! Those white clumps that turn flakey are not cute. As it turns out, Shecentit Coco Crème Leave-In Conditioner and Curls Whipped Cream work great with the gel (yesssssssss). So I got going on my braidout, let it dry, and THIS happened:
Revisiting an old cheapie product loved by many naturals...
Yes. A shiny, soft, super defined braidout that wouldn't quit even if I asked it to. 
Improved on last weekend's braidout (with satin strips on the end)! Definition, sodtness, body, and shine for DAYS with my ACV spritz,  @frizzfreecurls Whipped Cream, and EcoStyler Gel! #naturalhair #transitioner #naturalhairstyles #braidout #frizzfreecurls #ecostyler #transitionerstyle @naturalhairdaily @trialsntresses @teamnatural_ @emergingnaturalistas @naturalhairdoescare @naturalhairmojo @naturalhairuniverse
Oh, and it lasted for days, just getting bigger as it went.
Big hair = happiness.
At the end of the day, I'm not quite sure why revisiting EcoStyler turned into one of the best styling decisions I've ever made. The ingredient list is the same - just swap out Argan Oil for Olive. That can't be it - the oils are both at the bottom of the ingredient list; too far down to make a sizeable difference. I just know that now for me, it works. And not a prissy amount either - I'm product heavy handed and spared no gel on these braidout styles. To slap it on thick and get the same results - I think I'm in love again for the first time.
Have you revisited any throwback products from earlier in your natural hair journey that you had written off?