Round 1: Small Business Must-Haves

small business saturday 2012

I've been asked multiple times to list out what are some of my absolute favorites and small business must-haves. I've put it off for a few of reasons. One, there's 27 brands to go through. Two, I pretty much like EVERYTHING, so it's hard to distinguish what's the top of the top of the top. Three, I couldn't quite figure out the best way to disseminate the information. I could write an article, but that would take entirely too long, and the article itself would probably be able to qualify as a book.

Then it hit me: an infographic. A table, with brands on one axis, functions on another, and in the boxes, the exact product. The only problem, there is no way in HECK I'd be able to make a chart big enough to read legibly with 27 brands. So just like I broke down the small business features into 3 parts, I'm breaking these down as well. I had some hard work to do, trying to identify the favorites of the favorites. Beyond how nice the business owners are, or how accommodating they are, I had to ask myself an honest question - would I buy this stuff again (or for the first time, since the products I got to test out were free.99). So you can rest assured that at some point, I will re-purchase all of these products, and if not more during the course of my Pledge to Support #NaturalHair Small Business.

So without further delay, here is Round 1 of my Small Business Must-Haves. After the infographic, I will list out the full product names, websites to purchase, and link any reviews I've done thus far. FYI: click on the picture for fuller size.

Obia Natural Hair Care
Coconut Shea Shampoo Bar
Curl Enhancing Custard
Click here for my review on both!

Purgasm Shop
Wild Cherry Treatment Hair Truffles
Wild Cherry Curl Poppin' Gel
Click here for my review on both!

Alikay Naturals
Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner
Review coming soon, but product is featured here!

Wonder Curl
Get Set Hair Jelly
Click here for my review!

Aloe Conditioner
Click here for my review and interview with founder Tyrika Williams!

Amazing Botanicals
Pumpkin Pomade
Review coming soon!

Qhemet Biologics
Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee
Burdock Root Buttercream
Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter
Review coming soon!

All Things O' Natural
Natty Moist
Natty Cupuacu and Rhassoul Deep Conditioner
Review coming soon, but the deep conditioner is featured here!

Round 1 down, 2 more to go. Stay tuned!!!!


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