The Best Deep Conditioning Treatments for Transitioning Hair

Transitioners face a lot of unique struggles in their pursuit of natural hair. One of the biggest challenges is preventing breakage at the line of demarcation between the new natural hair and the heat damaged or relaxed hair. Preventing breakage is key to avoid extreme thinning of ends, and having to cut hair prematurely. One of the best lines of defense against this breakage is having a great deep conditioner, and walking the line between moisture and protein. Head on over to to check out my list of the best moisturizing and strengthening deep conditioners for transitioners. This list works well for naturals too!


  1. I swear it's like your reading my mind. I needed this information right now to help me get back on track. Thank you!

    1. You're welcome! Glad I could help. I love me some deep conditioner, lol.