Adventures with Henna Part 1: How to Make Conditioning Henna Treatments for Transitioning and Natural Hair

How to make conditioning henna treatments for transitioning and natural hair


The moment has arrived. For so long, I've been wanting to show how I mix my no-fail henna. Part 1 of the video is live on YouTube. Here's what I use:

Note: I added the ACV and Peppermint EO after I had already wrapped filming for the video. They were last-minute add-ins. I had simply forgot the ACV (I normally use it in my mixes), and I was experimenting with the Peppermint EO. Turns out, I love the cooling sensation on my scalp the essential oil gives. It will definitely be an essential part of my mixes from here on out.

I use Jamila BAQ henna because it is a superfine sift, mixes easily, goes on easy, and comes off easy. Suave Professionals is my go-to conditioner for henna because it is cheap, super slippy, and does a great job conditioning while being protein-free. Red Palm Oil was a new sub-in for my coconut oil that I generally use. I just wanted to see how a different oil would work with my mix. No news to report here on that front. Preliminarily, it left my hair no more or less soft/shiny than coconut oil does. The Wild Cherry Treatment Hair Truffle is added in for extra conditioning. I talk more about how it has revolutionized my henna treatments here. Hot water is to mix everything together and cure the henna.

Here's the vid:

As promised, here are the links to purchase everything:

Jamila BAQ Henna
I purchase my henna 1-2 years after the crop date. Jamila BAQ Henna has a 3 year life if unopened. Right now, I'm purchasing the 2014 crop here: Jamila BAQ Henna. It doesn't expire until July 2017, which gives me plenty of time to use it up.

Suave Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner
Purchase here!

Red Palm Oil
Purchase here! 
Note: I also use coconut oil, avocado oil, and Jamaican Black Castor Oil in my henna mixes. It really just depends on preference. You can purchase the brands that I use by clicking each oil below:

Coconut Oil
Avocado Oil
Jamaican Black Castor Oil

I know there's some deforestation and animal harming shadiness that goes on in the harvesting of Red Palm Oil, but Nutiva said they don't play that game. Read here for more.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Purchase here!

Peppermint Essential Oil
Purchase here!

2016 UPDATE:
Purgasm Shop isn't online anymore (sad face) until further notice. As a swap, you can always boost your henna mix with a spoonful of bentonite clay to reap the same softening and curl popping benefits. Here's the bentonite clay that I use: Indian Healing Clay

Happy Henna-ing!


  1. Hi Christina! So excited I finally found your post on henna treatment and I'm considering trying it out! I've been dealing with my own dry, itchy scalp for a while and have recently developed some psoriasis scaling behind my ears and along my neck hair line. Flares up in the summer, sucks the biggest.

    I tried so hard, I really did, but I couldn't find whether or not you discuss the difference between the Jamila BAQ and the Jamila Henna for hair? Also, is there any way to show the date of your posts? Sometimes I check back in on your site and I'm like "Oooh snap, she's doing a giveaway!" and then I found out it was B.C. Thanks boo!