Small Business Feature & Product Line Review: Jessicurl Rich & Radiant Collection

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As you all probably know by now, I love products. There is close to nothing that makes me happier than coming to a package of goodies, or spending excessive amounts of time in the aisles of Target and Sally's. So imagine my thrill when I received a package of goodies from the Jessicurl Rich and Radiant Collection! The collection itself contains 7 products, and if I were to review them all, this article would go on forever. So to give you all the best impression of the line, I've narrowed the review down to focus on 4 products: the Hair Cleansing Cream, Deep Conditioning Treatment, Spiralicious Styling Gel, and Awe Inspiraling Spray. All of the products are in the Island Fantasy scent, which I am head over heels about. It is light, tropical, sweet, slightly floral, and in no ways overpowering. But just in case that isn't your cup of tea, there is a Citrus Lavender and an Unscented option. All of the Jessicurl offerings are Curly Girl-friendly, and offers tons of information and tips on how to best use the products. There is something for everyone of every texture - from the kinkiest curls to the loosest waves.

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