Your Best Blowout Ever

 At some point in your natural hair or transitioning journey, you will likely do a blowout. Blowouts are incredibly versatile, and have the added benefit of allowing you to work with stretched and detangled hair for styles like braidouts, twistouts, bantu knots, updos, and even flat ironing.

But - there is a right way and a wrong way to do a blowout. The correct products and methods will yield a full, voluminous, bouncy, soft, and moisturized blowout. The wrong stuff will leave you with a blowout that is stiff, greasy, crunchy, and brittle.

Blow drying with heat causes a "flash drying" effect, which literally zaps the moisture from the surface of the hair as well as the water deep within the cortex. As a result, the cuticles of the hair become dry, stiff, and brittle. When the hair is flexed or moved, the pressure of the movement causes the cuticles to crack In this weakened state, the hair is more susceptible to breakage during manipulation such as styling and combing.

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