Making Henna Mixes for Natural Hair

henna in bowl

Making a henna mix can be fun, weird, messy, and confusing all at the same time.


Because as with everything else concerning natural hair, there is a wealth of information out there, and a lot of it conflicts. So let's go ahead and break this thing down, so you can get the most out of your henna...without making too much of a mess.

What Is Henna?
Henna (if 100% lawsonia inermis) is an all-natural plant native to Africa, Southern Asia, and Australia used to dye hair, skin, nails, and fabrics. It temporarily stains the aforementioned a reddish hue. The leaves of the plant are crushed and the dye is released using any number of liquids -- from hot water, to coffee or tea.

What Does Henna Do?
Henna has some amazing benefits for natural hair. Read more about henna benefits and mixes at!