11 Reasons Why #NaturalHair Is Here to Stay

erykah badu natural hair afro

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Natural hair is nothing new. Throughout the 60's and 70's, Black women and men sported shiny, soft, gravity-defying afros. But as the 80's rolled in, Afro Sheen got swapped out for Soul Glo and jheri curl juice -- until curls, kinks, and coils slowly faded into the background.

But in recent years, natural hair has begun to dominate the scene -- and while some would rather see it fade into obscurity like jersey dresses (I know you remember those), the truth is that #NaturalHair is here to stay. Here's 11 reasons (among 50 bajillion) why:

1. It's not a fad or fashion trend, it's a community.
We've got blogs, magazine columns, Instagrams, YouTubes, hashtags, pinterests, forums, meetup groups, festivals, twitters, expos, and soooo much more.

2. Products, and products, and products galore! Available on shelves at your favorite stores!

Natural hair products used to be few and far between. Now, they're just a click online or a short drive to a major retail chain away.

3. The "naturals in public" head nod of acknowledgement.

You're walking down the street, or in the mall. You cross paths with another natural. Smiles, head nods, and hellos ensue. You keep it cool on the outside, but inside you're like:


It's really that exciting.

4. Our men dig it.

5. Black owned businesses are thriving.

Good-for-your hair products, t-shirts, bags, phone cases, head wraps, bonnets, and hair tools are getting crazy love and support. Let's keep that trend going.

6. We can mold our hair to be whatever we want it to be. Literally, whatever.

Settle on one style? Bye, Felicia.

7. Women from all corners of the earth covet our hair, instead of the other way around.
fluffing afro puffs


8. Let's face it: those random conversations in the aisle of Target or Sally's discussing products with complete strangers are so much fun.


What products did I use? Follow me, girl!

9. For better or worse, the comment sections of blogs, YouTube videos, and forum threads make for some great entertainment.

10. It looks great on EVERYONE.
black-women natural hair

Literally, everyone.

11. It lets our little ones know they are beautiful, as is.

Train up a child in the way she should go....

Why do you think #NaturalHair is here to stay? Share below :)


  1. Natural hair is here to stay because, I think, most of us have finally found ourselves, and we're not giving it up! No more! The smiles, pride, and excitement on the faces of naturals I see just can't be duplicated. We're HAPPY.

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