Lawrence Ray Concepts Shake & Go Leave-In Detangling Spray Review

I promise, I was supposed to do this review like...FOREVER ago.

But see what had happened was...

Nah, no excuses. I totally dropped the ball -- especially because LRC shows me MAJOR LOVE, and folks have been asking about the product line. So here we go. I'll be reviewing the ENTIRE LINE one-by-one, giving each product in the Mega Bounce & Body Collection the attention it deserves. But naturally, I couldn't resist opening the series with my absolute FAVORITE product -- the Shake & Go.

Lawrence Ray Parker is a Los Angeles based celebrity stylist and healthy hair educator. Yes, FINALLY I get to showcase and spotlight a brand from my hometown!!! It's been a long time coming. As an advocate for healthy hair in general, Parker designed the Lawrence Ray Concepts salon quality line to work with natural hair, straight hair, relaxed hair, weaved hair, and everything in between. The line officially launched in 2009, but has picked up major steam nationwide thanks to the Bonner Brothers Hair Show, natural hair meetups, and endorsements from high profile stylists like Felicia Leatherwood. In fact, at the KJLH Natural Hair Expo back in April, I overheard Ms. Leatherwood telling a group of ladies to go and buy up like, ALL the Shake & Go and Potion (deep conditioner). Hopefully, this review series can continue to generate buzz around a great brand. Now, let's get on with it.

Ingredient List: water, behentrimonium methosulfate, cetearyl alcohol, cetrimonium chloride, cyclopentasiloxane, aloe leaf juice, organic jojoba oil, silk protein, sunflower seed extract, keratin amino acids, potassium sorbate & sodium benzoate, fragrance, vitamin B5, vitamin E, citric acid, cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, coconut/palm oil fatty acids

Ingredient Breakdown:
  • behentrimonium methosulfate: gentle surfactant made from non-GMO rapeseed (canola oil), and is one of the mildest detangling ingredients out there. It doesn't cause buildup or irritation to the scalp.
  • cetearyl alcohol: Considered "fatty alcohol" -- NOT to be confused with drying alcohols such as ethyl. Acts as a lubricant, thickener, and emollient. Also give conditioner its velvety feel without making hair greasy. Is additionally used to keep product ingredients from separating.
  • cetrimonium chloride: Compound close in composition to Behentrimonium Chloride. In addition to having the same penetrating, conditioning, and anti-static properties, centrimonium chloride has been scientifically proven to strengthen the hair when activated by heat. It also acts as an antibacterial and antimicrobial, and helps prevent and eliminate odor.
  • cyclopentasiloxane: Emollient and hair conditioning silicone-based compound. It is water-thin and evaporates easily, so it does not weigh the hair down. It gives your hair a wet, slippery, soft feel without greasiness or making it dry and crunchy.
  • aloe leaf juice: Acts as a natural conditioning agent that restores the hair's sheen, luster, and shine. It not only makes the hair soft, but it also enhances strength and suppleness.
Availability: Shake & Go is available online at If you live in SoCal, you can catch LRC Products at Salon D Hair Designers in Irvine, and at Den Salon on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. Out of state, Lawrence Ray Concepts can be purchased at Beauty on de Bayou in New Orleans.

Affordability: Shake & Go comes in an 8oz spray bottle for $15. It's on the more expensive end of the natural hair product spectrum, but worth every penny. I highly recommend purchasing the refill size for $42 (it's 32oz) though. Trust me. After one use of Shake & Go, you'll never want to run out.

Product Claim/Description: LRC's Shake & Go Detangling Spray eliminates tangles and static, and reduces the formation of split ends without weighing the hair down. Provides incredible shine while leaving hair soft and manageable. Revitalizes all hair types. Gives luster, life, and body to dry or damaged hair. The ultimate blow drying product.

Performance/Delivery: This is how Shake & Go makes me feel:

It's opaque liquidy miracle in a bottle. Seriously. During my first encounter with Shake & Go, I was just playing around like, what the heck is this stuff? Then I sprayed it on a notoriously difficult-to-define section of my hair:

 And it was love. Instant love. It hydrated, nourished, strengthened, smoothed, added shine, improved definition, eliminated frizz, and made my hair feel amazing. And the ease with which I worked through my tangled hair was nothing short of miraculous.  With this little demo section/test patch, I was convinced that I needed to put Shake & Go to the ultimate detangling test:

Yes, that says 51 seconds. I worked through a section of my tangled, wash and go hair in under a minute. Unheard of? Absolutely. So far, Shake & Go passed the first impressions test, and the detangling test. Before I could label it a Must Have for 2014, there was one more test: the wash and go test. How would it perform with other products? Does it make a better leave-in or detangling product?

I'll let this day 3 wash and go hair answer:

My day 3 hair is still defined, but big, soft, fluffy, and shiny. I styled it with Shake & Go as my leave-in, Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Super Softening Hair Butter, and Koils By Nature Herbal Soothing Curl Defining Gel. The Herbal Soothing Curl Defining Gel is a really lightweight gel, so achieving definition that lasted for 3 days was DEFINITELY helped out by the Shake & Go. It officially made the list.

As far as fragrance is concerned, I really like it. I don't often find myself being a fan of synthetic fragrances, but Shake & Go has a delightfully pleasant light perfumey floral fragrance. It is in no way overbearing and didn't make my allergies spaz out. The consistency and color is milky and opaque, it has a smoth, light silky feel and is very liquidy without being watery. It dispenses easily from the squirt bottle and coats the hair well.

Drawbacks: The one thing I would classify as a drawback doesn't really even apply to me. Shake & Go does contain a cone, which makes it not Curly Girl-friendly. I'm not opposed to cones in my products, so this one definitely doesn't bother me. Now that I really think about it, I do wish Shake & Go was a *little* more affordable. $15 for 8oz is a little steep, but even still, the product is 137% worth it.

Bonuses: Did you see that detangling time? Do I really need to talk about bonuses here? But if you need any more convincing, the product is incredibly versatile. It makes a great leave-in, heat protectant for blow outs, refresher, and detangler.

Bottom Line: If you need a multipurpose product that will consistently deliver, Shake & Go is definitely something you want to look into. If you feel like your hair is chronically dry, frizzy, and just needs some extra lovin', Shake & Go will help.

Best Practices: Although multi-use, it works best coming out of a spray nozzle. If you don't have an 8oz spray bottle, definitely go pick one up. Don't make the mistake of thinking you can pour this stuff in your hands, or pump it out of a bottle! It's far too liquidy for that!

Overall Product Rating: 4.5 stars. It's pretty much perfect! If it came in a bigger bottle, or was a few dollars cheaper (like $2 lol), 5 stars hands down. But ya'll know me -- the price won't keep me away!

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Stay tuned for the next LRC review! I'll be talking about The Potion!