Should You Consult Your Significant Other Before Going Natural?

Me and the Mr. on a mini vacay in Vegas

About a month ago on Instagram and Facebook, I posed this question:

For the ladies in relationships, did you consult with your significant other before deciding to go natural? Why or why not? And for the single ladies, would you talk it over with your partner, or is it a "my hair, my choice" deal? Lastly fellas, would you want your lady to talk things over with you, or nah?

The responses I recieved were diverse and sometimes complete and polar opposites. Here are a few excerpts:

"I don't see a good reason to talk/have his permission for something that grows out of my hair naturally..."

"I didn't ask for his permission, but I did let him in on my decision. I explained to him what it meant to me..."

"My boyfriend had his reservations about me becoming natural. He didn't understand why I wanted to cut my hair. So for a few months, I educated him on it and showed him how versatile it was. When I did the big chop, he loved it. Moreover, he admired my courage to make such a drastic change..."

"Nope. Didn't even consider asking him."

Sentiments on the subject matter range from indifference, to hotly contested notions of not seeking validation from a man. When it comes to this topic, there is no right or wrong answer. Everything hinges on experiences and perspectives.

So I'll share mine. Keep reading over at!