The Max Hydration Method, Day 1 (or is it Day 2?) First Impressions [Part2]


Here's one of the things that isn't really clear to me -- technically this is day 2 of the regimen, but because I didn't complete the clay rinse, leave-in, and styling with gel last night, today is still day 1. Either way it goes, it's a new day, and I've got some new thoughts. But before I jump into the second half of my experiences, let me share with you the 3 mains reasons I've even hopped on the Max Hydration Method Challange:

1. I fully believe in investigative bloggerism. I don't like to sit up on some social media perch and just throw information at ya'll. It has been my intention since I first wrote the article on the method, to actually try it and develop an informed opinion on the process and results. This is exactly what I'm doing.

2. I live in LA -- I've got dry air, hard water, and pollution (and traffic lol) working against me. The amount of clarifying and detoxifying involved could potentially stand to greatly improve the overall health of my hair.

3. I've got problem areas. My crown, and the front/center section of my hair are notoriously difficult and frizzy. I also have really dry ends. If the Max  Hydration Method could help rectify those, I would be eternally grateful.

Without further delay, onward with my continued thoughts about the other side of the process:

1. Clay is sprinkled from the heavens above.

Doesn't look like much right now, but baaaaaby....
The first time I tried Bentonite/Indian Healing Clay on my hair as a transitioner, I was rushing, and had dry, powdery-feeling hair with patches that looked like I lost a fight with a bag of flour. Turns out, I mixed it wrong, and didn't rinse it out thoroughly. Since mixtressing with DIY masques, I learned that Apple Cider Vinegar yields a smoother mix than water, so I opted to make an ACV-based mix. I don't ever use olive oil (I'm not a fan of the smell), and I didn't have honey, so I made my masque with castor oil (it has similar humectant properties to honey), coconut oil, and sweet almond oil. I didn't think the clay would do much for my hair, but when I rinsed it out I almost fainted. The results from the baking soda wash? Magnify that by fifty-leven. I'm just going to drop these pictures right here, and let them do the talking:

Freshly rinsed, product-free hair. Yassssss!

My product-free hair looks like it has product in it. Nice.
2. Psoriasis, be gone?
Maybe it's because I recently henna'd (although my henna mixes have been less effective in the past few months), or because baking soda really works, or the clay is even more amazing, or because my hair and scalp had been covered so many times in various liquids, or any combination thereof. But somewhere between that baking soda rinse and clay, my scalp is the clearest it has ever. Let me find out the Max Hydration Method also doubles as the Max Psoriasis Treatment I'll keep ya'll posted on this one. But see for yourselves!

Up close and personal with my scalp....
3. I'm NOT doing this every day.
Now that I'm on the "done" side of 1 day of the method, I can honestly say there is no way in hell I'm baking soda, claying, cowashing/deep conditioning and styling my hair every day. Absolutely not. The detailed regimen states that you can go up to 3 days without restyling, and I will be exercising that option (for the time being). But those three days only count as 1 day (insert confused face here). In the method's guidelines, the wash and go is touted as being a protective style because the gel clumps the curls together, preventing tangles and knots, and because of the gel cast left behind. I am inclined to agree, with one additional fact -- with the right gel, you can leave this style alone for 3 days (maybe more, but they don't recommend it), and have hair that is protected and low-manipulation. 

4. Blessed, blessed Tresemme Naturals.
This isn't the "Max Hydration Method Approved" Tresemme...but I'll be just fine.
Seriously, why didn't ya'll tell me Tresemme Naturals was so dope? Somebody must be held accountable for this! It has low-key become my everything overnight. I detangled and cowashed with it before my Cherry Lola. I used it to help get the last bits of clay loosened from my hair and scalp (I guess you could consider that a light cowash),and reapplied it (diluted with shower water to rinse it about halfway out) as my leave-in. I bought 4 bottles at Target because when you buy 4, you get a $5 gift card. I might go buy 4 more, because this conditioner really is everything I need it to be. It doesn't have tons of slip, but it has enough. It works, because somewhere between the baking soda rinse and clay, my rough ends got smoothed out (imagine that!) which made keeping my hair detangled infinitely easier. I'm in love....and it has me looking for receipts to return unopened bottles of conditioner, deep conditioner, and leave-in to Sally's, so I can make room for Treseme. #productjunkieonabudget

5. This s#!t better work. Wait, is it working? Oh s#!t, it's working.
I went from exasperated with the infinite number of steps to completely floored in under 24 hours. As I sit here typing this, my hair is completely dry -- but it looks just like it did when it was wet. Normally my hair does a 180 on me when it's all dry -- especially in those janky areas. Pinke Cube and Miss Dee Kay might be on to something here. Just ask my sister @anikkibrown -- I kept raving about my hair and looking in the mirror as we rode around town this morning/afternoon. I was genuinely shocked at how smooth my ends are. How frizz-free and clumped my curls are, even after whipping around in the wind (windows down). I am in complete shock and awe.

This hair is COMPLETELY. DRY.
I expected more shrinkage, but my curls (especially the back half of my hair that's looser anyway), seems to be slightly elongated. I'm currently banding the front in a scarf pineapple for a little more stretch, but I am completely surprised at the results -- especially since this is only day 1. I'll definitely upload date night pictures to Instagram tonight -- so be on the lookout for that.

So far, I'm impressed. I'm convinced that for me at least, the keys are the baking soda and clay steps. I'll be rocking this wash and go until Sunday or Monday, then starting all over! For those that are curious, this wash and go is with the Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner as a leave-in (partially rinsed out), sealed with coconut oil, and styled with the new reformulated Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker. 

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  1. What measurements did you use for the clay? Since you used ACV & water and added more oils (and subbed castor oil for honey) - just wondering much of each ingredient. I'm nervous about claying (it's my first time!)

  2. Lol I see you used it here sorry and I have read this several times but just the Curl Maker yesterday soooooo of course all I read had went out thw window.

  3. Hey Nik! I use 4oz (1/2 cup) of clay, 3 tablespoons of oil (1 of coconut, 1 of sweet almond, 1 of castor), 6 tablespoons of ACV, and 3 tablespoons of water -- in that order. Hope this helps!!!

  4. Hi there! Thank you for sharing your experience. I've recently tried MHM with the baking soda and that made a dramatic difference in my hair texture. Like went from 4a to looking like 3a or 2b. My previous foray into MHM was using the ACV rinse to clarify and the results were in no way similar. I'm not sure how I feel on that but I wanted to ask what you do with your hair at night. I'm sure you have the process shared somewhere but I haven't found it. Thank you in advance! :)