Max Hydration Method Update: Day 3

100% dry hair -- day 3 of the method, day 1 of this wash and go.
As I type this, I am sitting underneath my hooded dryer with Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Monoi All Natural Deep Conditioner slathered on my hair, and it is day 4. I was hoping to be a little further along in the MHM by now, but life happened over the weekend. Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me backtrack and go over day 3.

With every baking soda cleansing, deep conditioning, and clay mask, my hair has become more awesome -- less breakage, less, frizz, easier detangling, more hangtime, and enhanced curl definition. Here's a few flicks from my day 1 and 2 hair with the method:

 What I'm loving now is that I don't even bother pinning my hair back as it dries, because my shrinkage is so significantly reduced. In the photo above, my hair air-dried unstretched, and I gathered it in a loose ponytail for the gym. The result is a minimally elongated version of how my hair actually dries. I band at night, but not with fifty-leven scrunchies like I used to. Before MHM, I was using 8 scrunchies on two banded sections (4 each section). Like this:

This pic shows 3 scrunchies each, which is what I used after chopping. Since my hair had grown, it upped to 4 scrunchies.
Now, I gather ALL the hair into one big ol' section and use 3 scrunchies. Not because my hair is thinner, but because it doesn't require such drastic measures to keep it stretched. I still have shrinkage at the front and center, but it's just a little rude instead of all-out disrespectful.

For my day 3 MHM wash and go, I stuck to my mantra of using products that aren't approved, but work for me and have ingredients I trust. I used Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner, coconut oil, and Obia's Curl Enhancing Custard. I seriously have not had a bad wash and go since doing this method. What I'm most excited about is how the front of my hair that tends to be really dramatic is starting to actually, umm, curl. Yes, like, curl! Not this random tight wave foolishness, but an actual curl. See! In this picture my hair was still a little damp, and not completely done air-drying.

My day 2 wash and go (on day 3 of the method...that's still a little confusing lol) hair with the Max Hydration Method was totally epic. Like I said previously, bad hair days are long gone. I'm still using a lot less product to achieve the same, if not better styling. I had a corner of Obia Curl Enhancing Custard left in one jar, and I didn't even use it all up! I'm also digging the versatility of the Tresemme Naturals conditioner too. I can use it as a part of my regular conditioning routine (I always add a little in after rinsing my clay mask out -- I either rinse it all out or leave some behind), as a leave-in, to do my baking soda doohickeys, and make my refresher spray.

There is no day 3 hair, because well, it didn't last. Not because it couldn't, but because of Mr. Samuel's birthday. We had a relaxing, tranquil spa day at Glen Ivy, tucked away in the hillside of Hot Springs in Corona. Of course I took to the mineral waters, the vista pool, saline bath, and the lap pool. While Samuel got a rubdown, I got some laps in. What I did notice about my hair is that it seemed to take up less chlorine than normal -- it wasn't tangled and matted (even though my scrunchie fell out during one lap), and didn't feel stripped and dry. So I guess the method is working! When your hair is properly hydrated, it's not looking to soak up moisture from everywhere else. 

Just a snippet of Glen Ivy gorgeousness...#takemeback
Needless to say, when it was time to hit the steam room, I slathered my hair down in Glen Ivy's herbal-y conditioner and gave myself a steam treatment. The steam and conditioner proved to be enough to keep my hair soft, but I felt the pangs of missing another MHM wash day when at the hotel. I didn't want to take blogging on the road with me, so I didn't bring baking soda, bentonite, ACV, and oils with me. I assumed my hair would be fine for a day or two.

Boy was I WRONG! My next wash and go was a shrunken mess. I guess because my hair hasn't completely taken to the method and completed 7 days, it was vulnerable to dehydration and reversion. I used Tresemme Naturals to cowash and TGIN Twist and Define Cream to style (I thought it had cones in it, but it doesn't -- yay!). My curls were cute, but talk about shrinkage city! Compare that hair at the top to this:

Shrinkage is a beast!!!

Needless to say, I've filed this lesson away in my memory bank. I won't be skipping a day mid-cycle again. Hopefully, as day 4 rounds out, my hair will rebound and pick up where it left off. Fingers crossed that I don't have to start from scratch!!! 

Have any of ya'll stopped mid MHM cycle and picked right back up?



  1. I got to day 6 and skipped 2 days. Right now I am doing the overnight deep conditioner. The 1st picture is my WNG before MHM. The 2nd is day 1 of the MHM.

  2. I wasn't sure if the pictures posted.

  3. I'm currently in the midst of day one, I just finished putting in the clay rinse. The clay is so messy!!!! Do you have any tips for cutting down on the mess. I have clay everywhere.

  4. To cut down on the mess, I like to make my clay thicker, so I can apply it with my fingers and just use a spray bottle to help moisten/distribute. My recipe is about 1/2 cup clay, 3 tablespoons of oil (I use 1 tbsp each of castor, coconut, and sweet almond), 6 tablespoons of ACV, and 3 tablespoons of water. I add everything in that order. The bubbling of the ACV/clay reaction helps thicken it for me. After I apply it to a section, I'll spritz some water to work it from root to end. The end result is complete coverage without drips lol. Also, wear gloves! Hope this helps!

  5. Gorgeous!!! I see a definite increase in the definition! That's awesome :)

  6. I'm so curious with this method, I think my hair has high porosity and I bleached it for highlights and color. Can I follow this method? What do you think? :)

  7. Thank you!!!! This has made such a big difference for me.

  8. The only thing that gives me pause about you trying it is the baking soda. It will leach out your color something serious because it lifts the cuticles. It can also lead to dryness if you use too much baking soda. I'd definitely say check out this article for more information: