12 Natural Hair Pages to Follow on Instagram

Your journey to uploading on Instagram probably goes something like:

1. Find best lighting source.
2. Wipe camera lens to remove smudges and prints.
3. Smile, pose, make a cute face, or look down (we all know you still took the picture)
4. Click.
5. Examine, make adjustments, and repeat steps 1-4 approximately 10 more times.
6. Scrutinize each picture, deleting those that don't make your hair look amazing, your smile look perfect, and your skin look flawless.
7. Be unsatisfied, delete 9 of 11 pictures and repeat steps 1-4 10 more times.
8. Finally find the perfect picture, filter, and upload to Instagram with hashtag.....

And here's where we come in. What started out as an easy way to catch what's trending on a particular topic across the vast expanse of Twitter has become a useful filter (haha!) for Instagram photos. Want to see who else has #naturalhair? Search it. Hmm, who else is using that new Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker? Do they have a review? #CurlMaker it is! The point is, there's tons of hashtags floating around the 'gram. Many of them belong to ladies dedicated to featuring the gorgeous diversity of natural hair on what are considered natural hair pages" of Instagram. In the same vein of being shaded out of mainstream (social) media pages, these natural hair pages are 100% committed to unifying, uplifting, and and supporting natural hair in every shade, texture, length, style, and state around the world.

Head on over to NaturallyCurly.com to check out these dynamic social media accounts for natural hair inspiration!