4 Detangling Hacks for Tangles That Are Doing the Most


We've all been there.

You put wash day off a few days or weeks, because your big hair was fly. Or a product you thought you'd love turned your tresses into a tangled nightmare. Maybe your beloved kinky Curly Knot Today just up and told you, "Not today!"

When your hair gets helplessly tangled,you need a few tricks in your back pocket. Before you go out and buy the Newest Super Natural Slippy Dippy Miracle Detangler with Botanical Extracts, Gold Flakes and Magic Butter, try these 4 hacks:

1.  Vinyl Gloves


This hack has made it's way around the interwebs, but it's worth stating again. Using vinyl gloves just might save your hair. It is the single most effective hack I've ever used to work through my hair. The key  is to make sure you have vinyl gloves, not rubber. Rubber gloves act just like a rubber band. Vinyl gloves, with their smooth surface make it easier to glide your fingers through tangles and knots, when combined with your favorite oil, conditioner, detangler, or combination thereof. Just make sure your vinyl gloves are the right size -- gloves that are too big or too loose can exacerbate the situation. Vinyl gloves are also a great tool to have if you have uneven, long, or acrylic nails -- they prevent snagging and breakage.

2. Warm Conditioner


Jc of The Natural Haven has written previously on the benefits of warming your conditioner to render it more effective for absorbing and adsorbing to the hair. I have also found that warm conditioner takes to the hair better, helping to melt away super difficult tangles. I've tried the same conditioners warm and at room temperature (cold), and they work ten times better warm -- every single time. You can warm your conditioner the old school way, by saturating your hair and sitting under a dryer or steamer. You can also warm your conditioner in a microwave-safe container or in a hot water bath. If you're a shower detangler, letting the warm shower steam work on your tresses before detangling can also do the trick. Sometimes, the temperature of your products does matter!

3. Let it Marinate


Giving your detangling product of choice a little time to work may be what's necessary to get over the detangling hump. Completely saturate your hair, cover it with a plastic cap or bag, and let it sit for about half an hour. Extra bonus for letting it sit with heat (see number 2)! Not only will your detangling be a little easier, but you're getting one heck of a pre-poo treatment while you're at it!

4. Use Gel


I'm sure this doesn't make one bit of sense. If you're trying to detangle your hair (likely on wash day), how exactly will styling gel help? Tangles and knots are easily unraveled with products that have tons of slip. If your favorite gel or styler has tons of slip, why not use a few pumps here and there on the most difficult sections of your hair? I've used Hello Curly Curl Stimulator, Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker and Soultanicals Curl Blaze Hair Glaze on super gnarly knots. Just make sure the hair is appropriately saturated with water first. If you're looking for a cheaper way to use a slippery gel for detangling, whip up some DIY Flaxseed Gel. Flax seeds cost under $2 per pound, and are reusable! Need to know how to make Flaxseed Gel? Check out this tutorial from Naptural85.

What are your favorite tangle-busting hacks? Share in the comments below!


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