Ask Away Wednesday (Bonus) Episode 3: Transitioning & Healthy Regimen Building

As promised, here's the Friday bonus episode of #AskAwayWednesday! I didn't make it to 10 minutes, but 12 is close enough! In this episode, I'm tackling transitioning and healthy hair regimen building. Note: I'm still working on my camera, and I promise to be better next week. I promise.

Got questions of your own? Leave them below! Enjoy!!!

Ask away:

Video Highlights:

TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier Review:

Camille Rose Naturals *New* Curl Maker Review:

7 Secrets to the Perfect Wash & Go:

How to Do the Ouidad Rake and Shake for Maximum Definition:

Intro to Transitioning Series//Everything You Need to Know to Transition to Natural Hair:

4 Things to Do Before You Transition:

Christina's Choice 2014 Deep Conditioners:

Christina's Choice 2014 Leave-In Conditioners:

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