New Series Alert! #AskAwayWednesdays: Your Questions, Answered Every Week! -- Episode 1

Hey guys!

I'm really excited about this new series I'm launching. I know my upload history on YouTube is kinda sketch -- I average like one video a month. BUTTTTTT I'm trying to get better! And one of the best ways to streamline a few things across the blog, social media, and my channel is to launch Ask Away Wednesday!

Starting today, I'll be filming and releasing a video on YouTube every Wednesday where I answer all of your hot burning questions about transitioning, natural hair, and everything in-between! I know it can be kind of frustrating when you need help, and your favorite Instagrammer, YouTuber, or Blogger seems unavailable (or let's keep it real -- uninterested) in answering your questions. Although I know we're all human, and sometimes I miss questions myself just based on timing and missed notifications, I think it's rude to leave the people that support you hanging. So this is my contribution to fixing that problem. I'm here to help.

I'll upload a picture once or twice a week on social media (Facebook and Instagram) where you can leave your questions in the comments section. Or, you can comment directly on the Ask Away Video in the comments section (and here on the blog too)! If your question doesn't get answered in the video immediately following, just know it's coming! I don't intentionally mean to skip out or miss anyone, but I ain't perfect and I'm only one person :)

I want to help educate and be of service -- not just sit up on some perch and serve hair pictures. So, ask away! And check out the first video which is LIVE on my Channel! I'll be discussing using heat, safe coloring, damage from trimming, how to rock a transitioning wash and go, and more!

Also, please be sure to leave any constructive feedback! I'm a seasoned blogger, but a YouTube novice :) This is my first video with my new camera -- the quality should be better than before, but I'm still working on my lighting (I'll take a diva ring for Christmas, if anyone cares lol).

Ask away:

Video Highlights:
Ingredients for SAFE Heat Straightening:

My 2013 Straightening Regimen (Transitioning):

My 2014 Straightening Regimen (All Natural):

Transitioning Hair Styles:

How to Trim Transitioning Hair:

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