Uh Oh, We Have a Problem: Zendaya Coleman Insulted Over Faux Locs // Black Twitter Outraged Over Shea Moisture's Use of White Children in Ads

Uh Oh, We Have a Problem: Zendaya Coleman Insulted Over Faux Locs // Black Twitter Outraged Over Shea Moisture's Use of White Children in Ads

I know, this isn't the norm for me. But I wrote them up for BGLH, might as well share here too!

Actress Zendaya Coleman stunned at the Oscars on Sunday, walking the red carpet in a white, floor-length gown and faux locs. Coleman unmistakably made her mark on the increasing trend of actresses rocking natural do's on the red carpet, and it was embraced with open arms....by everyone except E!'s Fashion Police co-host Giuilana Rancic. According to the Fashion Police Oscars special Monday night co-host, Coleman "smells like patchouli oils....and weed."

I promise, you can't make this stuff up.

While Rancic and her other co-hosts laughed it off, social media and online publications went into an uproar over the distastefully ignorant comment, and Giuilana got a well-deserved e-dragging.

Here are some of the top responses via Twitter:

"What I don't understand is that Kylie Jenner's locs were considered stylish and edgy but when Zendaya does it she smells like weed how rude"

"PAUSE. I need white ppl to not talk about Black hair that they obviously don't understand. @Zendaya is flawless. Chill. #fashionpolice"

"Your racist and xenophobic statement about Zendaya's hair wasn't funny. Try being interesting, for once. Make it a goal +Giuliana Rancic"

Coleman herself released a well articulated, thoughtful, and educational response to Rancic's rude commentary via social media:

Uh Oh, We Have a Problem: Zendaya Coleman Insulted Over Faux Locs // Black Twitter Outraged Over Shea Moisture's Use of White Children in Ads

In true foot-in-mouth form, Rancic has backpeddled and offered a cookie-cutter apology via Twitter (that suggests she hadn't even read Zendaya's response):

"Dear @Zendaya, I'm sorry I offended you and others. I was referring to a bohemian chic look. Had nothing to do with race and NEVER would!!!"

Yet another case of racism guised as good-natured rib tickling commentary.


Shea Moisture usually trends on social media because of their infamous BOGO Free sales that cycle through stores like CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Ulta. This time around, the brand has come under the scrutiny of "Black Twitter", the social media machine. On February 23rd, Shea Moisture posted this photo and caption to their Twitter account only:

Uh Oh, We Have a Problem: Zendaya Coleman Insulted Over Faux Locs // Black Twitter Outraged Over Shea Moisture's Use of White Children in Ads

"We have a problem..." @SheaMoisture via Twitter

Shea Moisture's social media management has since removed the photo, but the response outrage still remains:

"#SheaMoisture don't exclude the black child. White companies lost business behind these kinds of marketing campaigns."

"Yeah like I'm sorry who is there target market? I'm just wondering here."

"The sharp shift in marketing is jarring."

"They are dead wrong for this sh*t"

In response to the uproar, Shea Moisture released this statement via Twitter this morning:
We came across an image of a little girl with a puzzled expression that we imagine our #SheaFamily has when they run out of product, so we shared it with you. No ad. No agenda. As a certified minority-owned business, we are so proud of our heritage, our community and how far we've come — from a village market in Sierra Leone, to the streets of Harlem, to retailers throughout the U.S. With your support, we've been able to bring change, diversity and variety to retail. We hope you continue to join us in celebrating how the versatility of our products can help people everywhere.
Some followers were a little more forgiving, supporting the brand's decision to expand their marketing base:

"Post whatever you want. Increase your market share. Most of us get it and wouldn't ever dare question GROWTH."

Meanwhile others still forged ahead with an alternate perspective:

"That little girl has a market that caters to her every whim via tv and print. Market to the demographic you serve, thanks."

Shea Moisture's products have been a pillar in the natural hair community, with many citing their effectiveness on our uniquely textured hair. The brand's decision to select Janell Stewart (Kinky Curly Coily Me) and Jessica Lewis (Mahogany Curls) as their brand ambassadors comforted many naturalistas, as it re-affirmed Shea Moisture's values and primary market. Most importantly, it demonstrated that they were paying attention during the whole Carol's Daughter debacle. Their posts on Twitter represent a stark contrast to the aforementioned. It is worth mentioning that the ads are essentially focused wholly on Twitter, and are largely absent from Facebook and Instagram.

What do you think about Giuliana Rancic's comments on Zendaya Coleman's hair?

Have you seen the Shea Moisture ads on Twitter recently? How do you feel about the new dynamics of their Twitter marketing?


  1. Rancic was point blank, period, dead wrong.
    I've got mixed feelings about the SM photo. I definitely understand the reaction to the photo. We help to build up companies and once they get on,they want to cross over and then we get crossed out. On the other hand, I'm sure the company wants to grow and expand as much as they possibly can. I personally think that the photo was released purposely to gauge what the reaction would be.

  2. the SM thing is being totally blown out of proportion. The little girl has curly hair yes? Well more wavy but if Shea Moisture's products are for curly or wavy hair, so what if they used a little white girl. Dang I'm more mad at the people that are making a huge deal out of this.
    I tell you I'm starting to dislike the "natural hair community." Community doesn't need to exclude others but it seems in this case it happens more often then I'd like. I know my opinion doesn't count for a hill of beans but i'm to the point where I'm minding my own head, sharing what I know and experience and people can either like it or lump it. I'm done

  3. dont worry guys, SM done sold out on us in the end.

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