Adventures of A Product Junkie: March 2015 Natural Hair Product Haul

Adventures of A Product Junkie: March 2015 Natural Hair Product Haul

I try really hard not to be a product junkie, I really do.

Let me quit lying. I kinda try...sometimes. But at this point, I need to seriously purge some products, and pump my brakes. I am OUT OF ROOM to store products. I can try and blame some things on large bottles and jars, but I know the real truth -- I just have too much ish. And I know some of you are waiting on that product stash video (I am going to film it next week) and some more empties (my new empties bag is full, stay tuned for that video too!). I'll be sure to let you know when those go live, so you can judge me in all of my product junkie-ness.

In the meantime, I wanted to chat a little bit about my March mini-haul. I try not to compulsively buy products in bulk anymore (especially new ones), so there's that #progress. But I also cannot resist the new product rush, so I caved in and spent a little coin on a handful of products ranging from old staples to somewhat questionable and new. Let's jump right in:

Adventures of A Product Junkie: March 2015 Natural Hair Product Haul

tgin Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner
If you know me, you know my love for tgin. And if you know my love for tgin, then you know how through the roof excited I got when I heard about them coming to Target stores nationwide this month. I've been loving tgin since my transitioning days, and you guys know for a product junkie, to stand by a brand's side for that long is nothing short of a miracle. My 3 must-haves from tgin are the Moisture Rich Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, and Twist & Define Cream. The Honey Miracle Hair Mask is good, but Triple Moisture is bae. So it was only natural that my inaugural purchase to support their launch be the Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner. I know someone asked (Shontae S, was it you?) about the difference between the new formula they released with added cupuacu butter and argan oil, and the old formula, and to be honest, it just dawned on me that the formulations are different. I used the new formula for my leave-in, and it was just as moisturizing and detangling as ever. I still have a corner of the old formula left, so I'll be doing an updated comparison review for those that are interested. But let's just suffice it to say that the new formula on Target shelves is just as awesome.

Camille Rose Naturals Coconut Water Leave-In Detangling Hair Treatment
Confession time: I cruise hashtags for fun. Sometimes, I cruise brand hashtags just to see what folks are saying. I was rolling through the Camille Rose Naturals hashtag, and an Instagrammer shared a photo of the Coconut Water Leave-In, and said that it was the best leave-in conditioner ever. You can bet your bottom bantu knot that during the very same trip to Target, I came across the leave-in and it came home with me. I haven't used it yet, but so far I love the sweet coconut fragrance, and it feels pretty thick and moisturizing. Besides, the cool aquamarine/teal labeling is so cute to me. I'll keep you guys updated with a review soon!

Be Kekoa Be Clean Cleansing Conditioner
When you believe in a brand, you support them, period. A lot of folks are under the misconception that bloggers don't pay for anything. Especially when it comes to brands they produce sponsored content for. I'm sure some of your favorite bloggers and YouTubers live on the freebies, but Christina don't play that. Yes, I do receive a fair amount of products for free, and for that I am grateful. However, I do understand that these people have brands and businesses to run, and that takes money. The same way I can't be expected to pay my car note in conditioner, I can't expect natural hair business owners to pay their staff (and themselves) in product reviews. So yes, when I went to Temecula on Monday of this week, Brandie of Be Kekoa was generous enough to give me another salon-sized bottle of Be Clean Cleansing Conditioner (because my last bottle was riding on E). But I also purchased one. Not only because I love Be Clean, but because I believe in her brand and believe in that authentic experience of supporting her work. :::dismounts from soapbox:::

Eden BodyWorks Kids Cocoa Shea Berry Natural Leave-In Detangler
When I first caught wind of Eden BodyWorks releasing a kid's line, I got excited for some reason. I don't have kids, and don't plan to for some time. I just like to see brands grow and become more successful. Something between the words coco, berry, and detangler got me curious, and I knew that if I was going to try anything from the kid's line, it would be the spray. Can I tell you that it smells exactly how I thought it would? Sweet and subtle berry-liciousness that almost makes me want to taste it. I just bought it yesterday, so I've only used it once to hydrate my ends before bedtime. I'm not sure about the detangling or hydrating prowess of the product just yet, I only know that it smells amazing. I'll keep you guys updated in a review -- I might even borrow my three nephews heads to test it out on (thanks in advance April) too. Just know that at worst, I have a cute hair perfume for spring/summer.

Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask
Nothing new to report here, folks. I still love Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask. Everything I said in my initial review still stands. It's pretty much a no-fail, HG staple that I always have on hand. I tend to pick it up when Ulta has it on sale -- either for $11, or buy one get one half-off (with my $3.50 off $10 coupon of course).

Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Anti-Breakage Leave-In Conditioner
I'll be honest here -- on a recent trip to Sally's, I was killing a few spare moments I had, just perusing the aisles checking for anything new and different. I know this Elasta QP leave-in is a little off the beaten path for me, and most certainly nothing new, but I was drawn in by 3 things: It was $7.99 for 32oz, the top ingredients looked amazing (actually), and I had a coupon. I just couldn't say no. At worst, I'd be handing off a vat of leave-in to a friend or family member. At best, I'll have a lifetime supply of leave-in to work with. Review coming soon, of course.

Well, that's all of my product junkie-ing for the month of March. I shant spend another penny on product....until April or May. Truthfully, I could probably get away not buying anything until August 2018 lol.

What products have piqued your interest//have you picked up this month? #productjunkiesunite!


  1. Hey Christina,

    There's a brand called Earth's Nectar created by Tamika Fletcher, co-owner of Natural Resources Hair salon out of Houston, that I am dying to try. It's sold on Sephora's website, but not every store carries it. I promised I wouldn't do any more impulse buys for this month, but I'm itching to try it. o_O

  2. LOL! I like that rationale. I'm definitely gonna have to borrow that one. I have been eyeballing Earth's Nectar -- they're at Sephora, right? Which of their products do you like the most? They have a honey something curl definer that has piqued my interest!

  3. Yup, Earth's Nectar is only at select Sephora stores (per their website) but it's also offered on-line. Thank God! I should have known you were hip to this product. I just found out about it.

    On my "Must Try" list is the honey curls gel, Nourish leave-in detangler, and the Monoi hair milk. Something about that packaging just makes it look so luxurious. ;-) I saw the co-creator (Tamika Fletcher) use the gel on 3C and 4B hair texture so I'm eager to see if I can make it work. Liquid gels normally don't agree with me, but I think prepping hair the way you did on your sister's video (3C-4A wash~n~go) will yield better results for me.

    I hope she sends you some complimentary products. :-) Like real soon! .

  4. I straight up lied to my husband telling him in December that I was on a no buy til June. That well intentioned lie was broken in January. My Achilles heel are sales. I got back on the wagon and was doing good this month until I saw Ynobe has a 30% sale with $2 shipping. I put some things in my cart....

  5. Man I was so excited to see this email in my Inbox. More enabling and I am ok with that. I am eyeing the Lee Stafford Hair treatments and the Eva NYC masque you mentioned. Decisions decisions.

  6. I GOT A SHOUT OUT, I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!! So yes, it was me who asked about the change in formula on the tgin conditioner. This made my day, it really did. I trust tgin, so I know that whatever changes they made were, in fact, for the better, but I did want to see how much better it is now that they've changed the formula. Thank you for acknowledging my comment. I really do enjoy reading your blog. I stalk the blog for a new post just so I can read it and then potentially respond so I can feel a part of the conversation. Thanks again, it really did make my day, :)

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