Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe

Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
Candid moments captured by The Flatlay Photog
If you've followed me for any length of time, you know that I'm born, bred, and living in Los Angeles. I never really realize how much of an "LA girl" I am until I go other places.

I complain about city noise, pollution, and overcrowding - then I go somewhere tranquil and miss the commotion 72 hours later. I complain about the traffic and how terribly LA folks drive, and then spend a week in Maryland wondering why everyone drives like they have absolutely nowhere to be.

And don't even get me started on the weather.

Even though I'm an LA girl and I live less than 10 miles from the nearest beach, I don't go too often. Not nearly as often as I should. Which is beyond strange, considering not only the proximity, but also the fact that it's quite literally my favorite place to go and be still. The beach is where I go when I'm really overwhelmed and looking to hear from God. Something about looking out at the seemingly infinite water with my toes in the sand reminds me just how small I am, and how big my God is.

It reminds me of His infinite wisdom, and how fearfully and wonderfully made all of his creations are.

I had only been to the beach recently to work out with Samuel, his brother, and Bailey. The second I opened Soultanicals' Marula-Melon Moisture Guru, ripe with summer melon flavor, I just knew.

Christina, take your behind to the beach. Stop waiting on a beach day with bae, and just go.

Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
My life was basically covered in sand at this point. Photo by The Flatlay Photog
And so I went. Day 4 of 7 was all about me in my happy place.

Although I had Antoinette (aka The Flatlay Photog // Sup x Dine) with me, there was something so invigorating about my bare feet in the sand. It was almost like plugging myself into a charging station. The water was vibrantly blue (totally not common in LA, lol), and when Antoinette asked if I was stepping in, I was like, "umm heck yeah!' - intent on taking full advantage.

I didn't plan to have so much fun in the water - but I did.

I didn't plan to spend as much time there as I did - but I was happy it went down that way.

I also didn't plan to have my life taken away by 1 foot of sea water 😂 - but it almost happened. (more on that later - I promise you'll laugh)

Thanks to the summery goodness of Marula-Melon Moisture Guru, I found myself having the time of my life at the beach. My spirits were lifted in a way they hadn't been in some time - and I'm so glad I didn't wait a moment longer to do it.

Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
So much good stuff. Photo by The Flatlay Photog
Marula Melon Moisture Guru

What it is
Marula-Melon Moisture Guru is a summertime take on the epic Marula-Muru Moisture Guru. It's a super creamy, medium consistency moisturizer and hair revitalizer packed with strand-nourishing botanicals. It smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, and leaves hair super moisturized and smooth. It can be used as a leave-in, or to add moisture to the hair in the days following styling.

How I used it
Knowing I was beach-bound, I used Marula-Melon Moisture Guru to protect my strands from the elements. I took a moderate amount, emulsified it in my hands and scrunched it into my curls. I also used it later that night for date night with Mr. Samuel, and you know what?! As we waited for our table, I placed my head on his chest and he said, "yo, your hair smells nice." I replied, "awww, thank you!" but in my mind I was like, "MARULA-MELON ON MINES, CUH!!!"😂 Y'all know I don't got no good sense.

Moral of the story - it's #BaeApproved.

Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
If you could reach through the screen and feel the softness...
Key benefits
Packed with aloe vera, glycerin, olive oil, agave, kalahari melon butter, pracaxi oil, and flaxseed gel, this botanical powerhouse moisturizes, enhances shine, and smooths the cuticle to help retain hydration inside the hair.

Oh, and your hair will literally smell amazing.

I can't tell you how much good the beach did for my soul. Thanks to Marula-Melon Moisture Guru, on day 4 of 7, I was encouraged to:
  • Get out and re-connect with my own back yard
  • Take time out and marvel at God's creation
  • Stop waiting on others to take me where I know I need to go (both literally and metaphorically)
Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
This was literally the perfect beach day. Photo by The Flatlay Photog
Oh, and what I said about almost dying in 1 foot of water? Here's what happened.

Some of you may know, I'm building my skill set as a photographer. And photographers often find themselves in compromising positions to get the perfect angle. Antoinette and I both had the idea to put the entire Soultanicals collection at the shoreline, because the low tide coming up made for a dope background.

True to the game, Antoinette arranged the products right at the water where the tide was lowest. I got face down on my stomach, to capture the products at ground level, instead of from above.

Unexpectedly, a stronger wave came along as my eye was in the viewfinder snapping away. By the time I realized what was happening, the wave crashed up on me and my camera, and started taking some of my products out to sea.😂 Luckily, Antoinette helped me recover them all.

Here's the frame-by-frame of it all unfolding:

Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
The calm. Still a pretty dope shot.
Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
(me snapping away): It's happening! A little stronger than I wanted, but still dope!
Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Send for backup!
Self Care with Soultanicals Day 4: Issa Beach Vibe
SAVE THE PRODUCTS AND SAVE YOURSELF! :::goes down with camera:::
I'm still scraping sand off of my camera til this day.

Do you have a special place you love to go and think or recharge? I wanna know!

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