The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
You won't believe how much this regimen has changed my hair in less than 3 weeks!
Is your hair dry, frizzy, and difficult to define? Does your hair poof up almost immediately after wetting it? Let me guess - there's a curl somewhere in there, but no matter what you do (shy of texturizing), it won't come out to play.

Come, come give me a hug. 2/3 of my hair has that exact struggle. You're in the right place for help - and I'm going to walk you through the perfect set of products to do it - Koils By Nature by none other than Pam Jenkins.

If you're one of my OG's, then you already know I've been rocking with Koils By Nature since 2013. Here's the very first picture I took of Pam's products:

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
Lawwwwwd. Have. Mercy. I've learned so much about photography in 5 years!
Clearly, we've both come a very long way. 😂 And for comparison, here's how we're looking in 2018, 5 years later:

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
1,897% BETTER! Hello, lighting!
A lot has changed in 5 years, especially when it comes to me and photography. But you know what hasn't changed? How AMAZING Koils By Nature products are for my hair.

Before I go into the nitty gritty of why these products are amazing for incredibly frizz-prone, dry, low porosity hair, I want to share a few things with you about the Koils By Nature Brand. First of all, Koils By Nature has LAUNCHED IN NEARLY 50 TARGET STORES NATIONWIDE!

Why is this such a big deal?

Pam has been crafting and perfecting Koils By Nature since 2009, with her official brand launching in 2010. She's an avid supporter of Black owned businesses, not just talking the talk - but walking the walk. From supporting Black owned businesses and freelancers to work on Koils By Nature endeavors, to partnering in the development of Black Biz Live, Pam is always – ALWAYS down to see Black businesses win, and be an active participant in the process. She coaches, supports, offers advice, puts her money and time where her mouth is – all while running the unapologetically Black Koils By Nature brand.

I'm beyond proud of Pam, and thrilled to support her in this new chapter of Koils By Nature's growth. For those of you who don't really need all the details, but just want the quick and dirty, I've got you covered.

Here's the quick rundown on Koils By Nature products:

The Rundown
  • Black Owned
  • Woman Owned
  • Curly Girl Friendly (Sulfate and Silicone Free)
  • Certified Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Contains No: Mineral Oil, Parabens, Petroleum, Phthalates, DEA, Propylene Glycol, Artificial Colors, Animal Byproducts, Sulfates, or Silicones)
Annnd here's the video showing my wash day experience:

All of the Koils By Nature products used in this video and mentioned on the blog are available at select Target Stores. Click here to find the one nearest you. No Koils By Nature near you yet? No worries. Shop online here.

If you're more into the details, or need a little more convincing that Koils By Nature can work for you, welcome! Just keep on scrolling..

The Problem with My Hair
At various points throughout my natural hair journey, I've used bits and pieces of Koils By Nature products on different occasions. All of which I've enjoyed tremendously. But I didn't have my AHA!OMGOMGOMGOMG moment until I used all the products for 3 consecutive wash days, together.

Before using Koils By Nature, I was almost at my wits end with my hair. My drier, more frizz-prone and low porosity sections (aka everywhere but the back 1/3 of my head) were getting on my last nerve. They tangled more than usual, felt hard and crispy, and my ends were really, really porous and rough. My wash and go's weren't lasting, and I was thiiiiiis close to sneaking in a dye job, just to get my hair to act right.

Clarifying didn't work.
Co-washing didn't work.
Henna didn't work.
Bentonite clay didn't work.
Baking soda didn't work.
Deep conditioning didn't work.
Deep conditioning overnight didn't work.
A protein treatment didn't work.

Now do you see where I'm coming from? I was desperate, and in a hair slump for real. So when that Koils By Nature box landed at my doorstep, I figured, what did I have to lose? As it would turn out, I'd lose nothing (except for more money at Target, lol) - but gain a whole 'nother appreciation for this line. And most importantly, I was able to recognize my hair again.

Just to give you an idea of what I was up against, here's a side-by-side of my hair before my consecutive Koils By Nature wash days, and after 3 wash days with KBN:

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
Left: 4 days after a "regular" wash day.
Right: 4 days after my 3rd KBN wash day.
I couldn't make these results up if I wanted to.

The Perfect Regimen
If you're at your wits end with your hair, I'd like to share EXACTLY what I did 3 wash days in a row (over the course of about 2.5 weeks) that basically solved EVERY single problem I was having.

Step 1: Soak Hair with VERY Warm Water
Most naturalistas on the internet and social media will tell you that cold water is the way to go for frizz reduction, enhanced curl definition, and shine. They're right - except for when you've got frizz prone, dry, and low porosity hair. You need a hefty dose of very warm water (well beyond lukewarm, but not scalding or painful) from top to bottom in order to get your curls back into shape. So whether you need to do a pre-shampoo detangling session with conditioner, or plan to hop right into cleansing, start with very warm water. Rinse your hair with it until it is completely, utterly soaked and drenched. Don't squeeze the water out either - grab a towel, an extra t-shirt, or something - and let it drip.

Why it Works
Science has shown us that the cuticles of our hair are responsive to temperature. Cold water tightens and flattens the cuticle, sealing in moisture and enhancing shine (because the cuticles are compact and reflect light better this way). HOWEVER - if your hair is dry, frizzy, hard to define, or low porosity, keeping cuticles shut isn't your problem. You need that very warm water to perform that opposite function and gently raise the cuticle layer to allow hydration in. At the same time, that gentle cuticle lift will make it easier to remove any product buildup that's blocking hydration and moisture from penetrating the shaft of the hair.

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
The FOAM has slip. I repeat: the FOAM has slip!
Step 2: Cleanse with Koils By Nature Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser
This is the one step that in my opinion, is most vital. Forget the other shampoos. Put that co-wash down. The Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser is THE weekly cleanser your regimen needs. It's sulfate free, and doesn't even contain those not-as-harsh-sulfate-alternatives that tend to be in other shampoos. It's packed with botanicals and oils like calendula, nettle, olive oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba, tea tree, and peppermint to cleanse, nourish, ease dry scalp, and remove product buildup without stripping.

That soaking wet hair you've got there? Generously apply the Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser throughout the hair and scalp, root to end. It has tons of slip, and should be really easy to work through the hair. Don't be afraid to use as much as you need. It's not going to foam up a whole bunch (remember, it's missing those sulfate alternatives), and as you move throughout your hair, you'll notice that the foam begins to disappear. Don't worry, the cleanser is still working. Suds are more psychological than functional, anyway.

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
I NEVER want to run out. Like, ever.
Why it Works
So if there are no sulfates or sulfate alternatives, what's in the Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser?

I haven't 137% confirmed it, but based on a little sleuthing and comparison of ingredient labels now and back in 2013 (ingredients have to be listed differently for retail), my conclusion is castile soap. Which makes sense, for a few reasons. One, castile soap is super slippery, and rich in oils. It also rings in at a higher pH than other shampoos, around 9. What does this mean for your hair?

Without going into an entire chemistry lesson, the significance of this pH is that our hair cuticles again, respond by opening and closing according to the pH of a product. More acidic products (below 7) lay the cuticle flat, sealing and enhancing shine. More alkaline products (8 and above) raise the cuticle. In the case of dry, frizzy, low porosity hair, this is a good thing. More hydration is getting in as the hair is properly cleansed. If you watch the video, you'll notice that even after rinsing, my hair has significantly less frizz than it normally does, and my curls appear more lively and defined.

This is because the Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser allowed my hair to be properly cleansed and hydrated, resulting in less frizz and more curl action.

Now, don't go getting all alkaline crazy on me. Because you could mess around and end up with a perm, lol. But that's only when you start venturing in to the pH of 11-14 territory. I'd advise against kitchen mixtressing and playing with pH - just let those who have the gift (like Pam and Koils By Nature) do the work.

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
The name doesn't lie. 
Step 3: Deep Condition Using the Ultra-Moisturizing Cocoaloe Deep Conditioner with Heat
Noticing a theme yet? Yep, I've been keeping my wash days warm! After rinsing the Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser with warm water, go right in with the Ultra-Moisturizing Cocoaloe Deep Conditioner. It's packed with so much slip, that finger detangling or using a wide-tooth comb to remove shed hair is a walk in the park. Saturate the hair thoroughly with deep conditioner, paying special attention to the ends and the more frizz-prone sections of hair. Twist, clip up, put on a plastic cap (or bag), and put some heat on that hair for 20-30 minutes. A hooded dryer, or Hot Head works best.

Why it Works
By now, you've caught on that a key component of this regimen is keeping cuticles gently raised to allow for the maximum penetration of hydrating ingredients. That exactly what we want for this step. The gentle heat allows for the nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, aloe butter, argan oil, and macadamia oil penetrate, while also helping the hydrolyzed quinoa protein get into the shaft and patch up weak areas. Because the Ultra-Moisturizing Cocoaloe Deep Conditioner does contain cuticle sealing ingredients like aloe vera juice, the end result is still shiny, strong, moisturized, and well hydrated hair with a smooth strand feel and perfect elasticity.

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
This leave-in will leave you wondering why you didn't get your hands on it sooner.
Step 4: Rinse with Warm Water + Apply Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner and Nourishing Hair & Body Butter to Seal
When deep conditioning time is up, the next step is to rinse with warm water (it doesn't have to be as warm as your very warm water, but can be if you like). On that soaking wet hair, generously apply the Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner. Rake it through your entire head or section-by-section - however works best for you. If parts of your hair begin drying up, grab a bottle with warm spray water to re-wet.

After distributing the leave-in conditioner, seal all the moisture in with Nourishing Hair & Body Butter, paying extra special attention to the ends of your hair.

Why it Works
This whole time, we've been working with heat to get the cuticles of your hair raised for maximum hydration. If you were wondering when they'd get lowered back down, that process starts now. The botanical and aloe-based Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner lowers the cuticle, sealing all that good wash day hydration in, while adding extra moisture courtesy of coconut, shea, olive, and Jamaican black castor oils. Additionally, the ceramide-rich rice bran oil helps reinforce the cuticle layer. The bonus level of protection provided by the Nourishing Hair & Body Butter helps improve elasticity, shield hair strands from wear and tear, and prolong the internal hydration of the hair.

Step 5: Smooth and Brush Herbal Curl Defining Gel in Small Sections
It's no secret that I love gel. Like, LOVE IT. I don't do wash and go's without gel. They just don't work for me. For me, gel is an essential part of capturing the natural curl pattern and creating a long-lasting wash and go. For maximum curl poppage and long-lasting definition, work in small sections and apply the Herbal Curl Defining Gel from root to end. My preference is to then use the Felicia Leatherwood Detangler Brush to define my curls (and create those spiraled ends), but you can feel free to use whatever defining method works best for your curls.

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
You can see how soft my hair is!
After your style is complete, air dry or sit under a hooded dryer until 60-70% dry.

Why it Works
The Koils By Nature Herbal Curl Defining Gel contains the perfect blend of curl defining and moisturizing ingredients that deliver a medium hold that lasts for several days. Working in small sections insure that all strands are equally coated, promoting curl clumpage and longer-lasting style. Inevitably, you will have some super stubborn patches that act a stone cold fool. I do too, but they're improving steadily with each wash day.

For those portions, after your hair dries, re-wet them with more warm water and apply extra gel. They'll come around eventually.

The Best Regimen to Fix Dry, Frizzy, Low Porosity Hair featuring Koils By Nature
My best hair days are to come! 
Stick with this regimen, and I promise, you'll watch each wash day get easier, and easier. And each wash and go get better, and better.

Don't forget to pick up your Koils By Nature products from a Target store near you!

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Do you plan on giving this regimen a try? Let's chat about it in the comments below! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @maneobjective!

This post is sponsored by Koils By Nature.


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