How a Custom Curly Cut Fixed My Natural Hair Damage

How a Custom Curly Cut Fixed My Natural Hair Damage

Last month on Instagram, I announced that I was making the trip out to Temecula, California to visit Brandie Kekoa and the Be Kekoa team for a much-needed curl reviving miracle. I had reached a point in my natural hair journey where I could no longer ignore the fact that my hair needed  professional care — and I knew Brandie was just the person to do it. But how did I get here?

How I Messed Up My Hair
Full transparency: I've been struggling with the low porosity sections of my hair since late 2017. I talked about my woes in this blog post, sharing various pieces of information I had tried or discovered in my quest for some hair ackrite. Why did the lo-po blues hit me so hard, a whole four years after I completed my transition to natural hair?

A few reasons.

One, during my transition and my first year natural, I still regularly flat ironed my hair ever 3-4 months. Although heat damage did not happen, heat does have a way of raising the cuticle — which reduces low porosity drama. Two, I had been dabbling in color. From box dye in 2014 to salon bleached bright red in 2015 and black in 2016, my hair hadn't been truly truly au natural for quite some time.

But in early 2018, my hair showed itself to be a full-grown fool. I was desperate for a solution, because my favorite products were no longer cutting it. My wash and go's were quickly becoming wash and oh-no's.  So I started experimenting. Clarifying shampoos. Blowouts or a flat iron here and there.

Baking soda.

Yeah, I went there. And foolishly so. Because I'm extra and don't like following instructions, I was just haphazardly adding baking soda to everything — co-washes, conditioners and all. The results were hit and miss, but one thing came of it that was clear — DAMAGE. Y'all, that baking soda literally ate up my hair. My once vivacious (and irritating) curls were straight, limp, and still had the nerve to be frizzy. It was most visible in the low porosity sections.

How a Custom Curly Cut Fixed My Natural Hair Damage

It wasn't until late 2018 that I'd discover the culprit that likely had the most to do with my issues — hard water. Had I started with these solutions, I probably wouldn't have done as much damage to my hair.

I finished out 2018 biding my time, working my angles, and hacking away at damage. By the end of January, I had had enough. I knew I needed Brandie to work her magic. When my coworker and my friend both hit me up around the same time (without knowing each other) asking about having blessed Be Kekoa hands in their hair, I knew it was a sign.

I booked the appointment, made the drive, sat in Brandie's chair, and told her to have her way with my curls. Whatever needed to go could go — and I was ok with it.

She just had to cuss me out about it first. 😂

The Solution
As you see in the video above, Brandie cussed me out like 22 times, and almost gave me a whoppin' at least five times. Between damage and playing DIY stylist, I jacked my hair UP. You think I would've learned by now, huh?
How a Custom Curly Cut Fixed My Natural Hair Damage

Brandie's approach involved a custom curly cut, Olaplex (my request) and a deep/steam treatment with Be Lola Intense Hydrating Hair Mask. We got rid of a lot of the length from my bottom layers, and Brandie worked her magic to balance out the choppy sections and holes I created, while removing some damage.
How a Custom Curly Cut Fixed My Natural Hair Damage

The end result? Beyond magical.

Every time I leave Be Kekoa, I feel like I have a new head of hair — and this time was no exception. My hair looks and feels SO much fuller. The curls have extra spring and body. And that exxxxxtra disrespectful frizz? It's almost like it never happened. They don't call Brandie The Curl Healer for no reason.

The pictures speak for themselves:
How a Custom Curly Cut Fixed My Natural Hair Damage

How a Custom Curly Cut Fixed My Natural Hair Damage

Going Forward
During my time spent in Brandie's chair, she had some pretty sound advice (some of which I didn't want to hear as a product junkie). I'll delve deeper in another post, but for now, just know that I'll be:

✅ Seeing Brandie regularly (my goal is once a quarter)
✅ Fine-tuning a consistent REGIMEN for my curls
✅ Continuing to do steam treatments at home
Using Olaplex No. 3 between salon sessions

Although I do (eventually) want length again, I'm more focused on maintaining and improving the health of my hair. More details to come!

More About Be Kekoa
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Are you thinking about a curly cut for shape or to get rid of some damage? Let me know if you have any questions! Leave them in the comments below!


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