Sis, You're Doing Too Much. It's Time to Pick a Regimen.

Natural Hair 101 The Basics of Healthy Hair
Put down that product, junkie. It's time to get back to basics.

Come on over and sit on Christina's virtual couch. We need to have a talk.

I'm not judging you. I'm not here to chastise you. Everything I'm about to say comes from a place of love. You know that. I just had to keep it a buck — because you and I are the same. And the truth is, for a long time, we've been doing absolutely too much when it comes to our natural hair.

I know, I know.

Being a product junkie is fun. There's a bit of an endorphin kick that comes along with successfully tracking down that new-new. But it's not good for our hair or our wallets — can we touch and agree on that much?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that in the year of our Lord 2019, we've got to do better. I'm here to see to it that we do.


Note: This series was initially supposed to launch April 1st, but after the tragic news of Nipsey Hussle's death, I couldn't in good conscience go on with "business as usual". The first installment of the series will go live Friday, April 5th, and resume on the scheduled 3rd Monday (April 15th).


Good Bye, Product Junkie. ✌🏽

I know you guys were thinking that this couldn't possibly be true. That I was playing some sort of April Fools joke on y'all.

But I'm not. This is 137% real.

If you saw my last video and blog post about getting my hair cut by Brandie at Be Kekoa, then this should come as no surprise. I didn't shy away from the fact that I ruined my hair by my own hand, and my obsession with product junkie-ing and baking soda is largely to blame.

When I sat my behind in Brandie's chair nearly 2 months ago, we a had a really good talk (after she almost beat my butt, of course) about the current state of my hair since the last time she had seen me. She was straight up with me — sharing that in her opinion (which I wholeheartedly trust), I was using too many products. Too much switching up. Too many brands. Too much inconsistency.

The product junkie in me didn't want to listen, but deep down inside, I knew she was right. Brandie issued me a challenge — to use the same products for 6 months. And while I knew I wasn't ready for that level of commitment, I knew something had to give.

So here we are.

The Challenge
For the next 3 months (as in April, May, and June), I'm committed to using only a specific set of products from a few brands that I hand-picked myself. Because of this, there will be:

✅ NO outside hair product reviews
✅ NO sponsored hair product posts on social media or my blog
✅ NO outside hair product purchases
✅ NO mention of ANY other hair products or brands

I'm not saying that the PJ in me is retired forever, but in order to make this challenge really successful, I've got to put my blinders on. The goal here is consistency. To establish a a routine for my hair. For it to become the best version of itself through consistent care with effective products tailored to my hair texture, type, porosity, and more. 

Of course I want all the growth — but health is my #1 priority. Even with my recent cut, there's still some damage I'd like to take care of, and I can't do that with product hoppin'. You're invited to join me on this challenge, but more than anything my hope is that you use this series as an opportunity to examine your own natural hair practices.

That's why I'm also using this series as an opportunity to refresh and update my Curl Care 101 series from 2015. More on that soon.

In this series, I'm ONLY using a hand-selected set of products from Be Kekoa, Soultanicals, and tgin. I'm also incorporating Wetline Xtreme Gel, but not promoting them like that (for obvious reasons, plus they don't need my help). These are the products I'll be using:

Natural Hair 101 The Basics of Healthy Hair

Be Kekoa


Natural Hair 101 The Basics of Healthy Hair


I know these brands. I've worked with these brands for a loooooong time. All three were there at the beginning stages of my natural hair journey, and have supported me enthusiastically. Their products work. I trust their expertise. TLDR: I ride for these three.

I left myself enough options to go between shampooing and co-washing. Protein and moisture. Wash and go's or another style. But the fact remains, I will not deviate from the products shared here. PeriodT. The goal is to demonstrate that with consistency, our hair thrives.

Natural Hair 101 The Basics of Healthy Hair

Back to Basics: Natural Hair 101
Back in 2015 I launched a series aimed at helping transitioners and new naturals navigate the tough terrain of natural hair, called Curl Care 101. That series did really well on my blog in terms of traffic, and for a while, I toyed around with the idea of turning it into an e-book and selling it. Clearly, I changed my mind. Not because I didn't think it would sell, but because trying to hustle off y'all just isn't my vibe.

And truthfully, my God will provide without me tryna sell something that was once free. But that's another story for another time.

With the annoying current trends on Instagram and YouTube focused on clicks, clout, and attention, I feel that a series like this is long overdue. A lot of influencers are focused on securing brand partnership bags, making clickbait covers for Instagram videos, or doing copycats of trends for YouTube — while real, informative, helpful information about natural hair care gets lost in the shuffle.

Forget about rice water. Forget about whatever DIY concoction that's better off served as a chip dip. Walk away from everyone who tries to give you a different kitchen mix to grow your hair every week. Turn your back to XYZ brand that's dropping a new line with 2 whole changed ingredients every 15 minutes. 

This ain't about that.

Whether you're newly natural, still transitioning, on the rebound from damage, or a #teamnatural veteran looking to reacquaint yourself with a routine, there's something in this series for everyone.  No, this isn't some challenge where you need to use hashtags and massage your scalp with blessed oils 3x/day in order to randomly win a prize. All I asking is that from the beginning of April through the end of June 2019, you tune in here at every 1st and 3rd Monday for Back to Basics: Natural Hair 101.

Each week, I'll be breaking down a basic element of healthy natural hair care, sharing the products I'm using, and sharing how I incorporate that element into my haircare regimen. No crazy gimmicks, no clickbait, no shoving #BrandPartner down your throat every 20 minutes. This is just a revamp of a good ol' fashioned series that serves as an important reminder: if you are good to your hair, it will show. Which means, it will grow wonderfully, and you'll be able to retain maximum length, if that is your goal. It will also gain fullness, as breakage and shedding are decreased.

These are the topics you can expect me to cover over the next 3 months:

I'll also be dropping gems on Instagram and Instagram Stories, so make sure you're following me @maneobjective. Also, make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel!

See ya'll for blog post #1 in a few!


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