I Used the SAME Hair Products for Three Months. Here's What Happened.

Back in April, I checked myself into product junkie rehab after a much-needed butt whoopin' and candid conversation with Brandie Kekoa. If it wasn't for Brandie and her straight up honesty, I would probably still be spinning my wheels, wondering why I'm trying all these amazing products and my hair looks like basura.🚮

Fast forward three months, and I'm well on my way to having my best head of curls yet. Yes, even better than the 2014 and 2016 curls I've been chasing for so long. I can honestly say that I've fallen in love with my hair all over again, and all it took was for me to renounce my product junkie ways.

As it turns out, I love healthy, thriving hair more than I love chasing down new products. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Who'da thunk it?

Reflecting on my experience these past three months, I've noticed four key ways that my hair has taken a turn for the better. Since incorporating (and sticking to!) a dedicated regimen of fixed products, I've enjoyed:

More Visible Hair Growth
Y'all know the drama with natural hair. Half the time, we can't tell whether it's growing or not because shrinkage has a tendency to be totally disrespectful. Even with my shrinkage in full on lets-make-you-feel-bald mode, I began to see visible signs of growth and length retention. My first big clue-in was the rude and unruly grey hair that's decided to sprout up smack dab in the middle of my front section. The ends of them were red (hi, henna), but as the challenge wore on, the new grey hair roots grew longer, and longer, and longer. As I type, they've made their reappearance with at least an inch of new growth since my last henna session at the end of May.

the benefits of sticking to a natural hair regimen and using the same products for 3 months

Another major way I've been able to tell my hair has grown is by how I wear it. I have a tendency to wear my hair pulled in front and over my shoulders to create a more face-framing effect. But after my cut, the back layers were too short to stay put — they would graze across the top of my shoulders and move right back to where they were. And that's even after stretching. 😭 Now, I don't even stretch my back layers and they stay put.

I can't exactly put a number of inches to two much my hair has grown, I just know that it has. And I haven't been taking any hair growth vitamins, either.

My Hair Got Healthier
As I scrolled down my Instagram timeline pre-cut, I realized two things: one, I posted a lot of throwback pics to healthier hair days. Two, I posted a lot of half-up, pushed back, side angled, and other damage-camouflaging hair pics. See here, here, here, and here for reference. I'm honestly surprised nobody caught on. 😂 In truth, I was just covering up how totally wrecked my curls were. Especially in the front/center area.

the benefits of sticking to a natural hair regimen and using the same products for 3 months

Since getting a good cut and sticking to a dedicated regimen, my curls have been on the road to recovery in ways I could never imagine. Naturally, I have more shrinkage because my curls area healthier. My split ends have reduced drastically, and I haven't had much need to pick up the scissors and trim. I do experience a liiiiiitle bit of tapering in areas where my damage wasn't completely cut away (to give my curls some semblance of shape and balance), but it pales in comparison to what I was dealing with before. The tgin Miracle RepaiRx Curl Protein Reconstructor has been instrumental in keeping my curls strong and maintaining elasticity, while fortifying (and even putting a lil' bounce back into) my damaged areas.

the benefits of sticking to a natural hair regimen and using the same products for 3 months
This is all my shedding after not washing for TWELVE days. TWELVE.
My hair sheds less (even though I go longer periods of time between washes), and I really do believe Be Kekoa's Be Clean and Be Clair as well as Soultanicals' 'Fro Despair have been instrumental to reducing hair fall in my regimen. Be Clean and Be Clair are excellent at cleaning the hair and scalp while minimizing friction between strands — resulting in less hair being 'pulled out' during cleansing and detangling. 'Fro Despair, with its stellar list of nutrient-dense green ingredients, helps strengthen hair from the roots, contributing to decreased shedding.

the benefits of sticking to a natural hair regimen and using the same products for 3 months

I Got P R E D I C T A B L E + Long-Lasting Results
Recently, a few memes have been circulating, lamenting about the unpredictability of natural hair. A few months ago, I would've been like, girl yes. But these days, my vibe is more, "eh, can't relate." Using the same products in the same combinations tends to have that sort of impact. No surprises. Less frustration. More good hair days. This too helped with growth and length retention. Predictable results + knowing how long my hair will last = less wash days, less manipulation and more length retention.

For example, I know that:
With my predictable, effective regimen, I can easily get 7-10 days out of my wash and go. Two of those days may involve a bun or puff; but this is more than I've been able to get out of my hair in a loooong time. Especially because of my battles with scalp psoriasis. Speaking of which...

the benefits of sticking to a natural hair regimen and using the same products for 3 months

My Scalp Psoriasis Improved
You guys know that I've been battling with psoriasis since high school. All my blogging life, I've had to wash my hair twice a week out of necessity. This may be TMI, but psoriasis plaques are the result of skin cell overproduction — and my scalp has looked like it has dandruff on steroids for a looooong time. That is, until this challenge.

Because I'm using the same products on my hair and scalp, I've minimized the number of products that can contribute to scalp inflammation. The other two keys, I'm saving for a bigger blog post on kicking psoriasis to the curb, but just know this — it involves applying Soultanicals 'Fro Despair directly to my scalp on wash day. More details to come — but just know that consistency and intentional treatment go a LONG way in battling against scalp drama!

the benefits of sticking to a natural hair regimen and using the same products for 3 months

So Now What?
Now that I've done the challenge and I know all these wonderful things came about as a result of my consistency in using the same products over time, what's next? Will I still do product reviews? Will I still be a product junkie? Are you gonna talk about Soultanicals, tgin, and Be Kekoa every month? Is this the end of The Mane Objective as we know it?

Yes. No. Probably. Absolutely not. Let me explain.

Yes, I'll still be doing reviews — but how frequent, and the type they are will change. Of course, I'll always be game for products from Soultanicals, tgin, and Be Kekoa. I trust the owners and how they formulate their products. Barring an extreme situation, I don't see myself doing total product "line" reviews. That involves too many products, too many opportunities to interrupt what I've worked so hard to achieve, and most importantly, the majority of you guys aren't going to run out to purchase an entire line.

Beyond that, let's keep it a buck — a good number of new lines and collections that come out these days share virtually identical formulations with their predecessors. The base formulas are generally the same, they sprinkle in a few different oils and herbs, and give 'em new label. There's usually only one or two completely unique products, and if I choose, those will be the ones I focus on.

the benefits of sticking to a natural hair regimen and using the same products for 3 months

I'll also be doing reviews a lot less frequently. I haven't settled on an exact cadence, but you won't see 3 different deep conditioner reviews from me in the same month. Unless of course, it's something that I've been using in my regimen and haven't had the chance to share yet (like Be Lola and the Miracle RepaiRx Curl Protein Reconstructor). Now that I'm seeing my hair's true potential, I want to do my absolute best to prevent heading back in the wrong direction. That means vetting products (and brands), tapping into another level of discernment, and only saying yes to collaborations that make sense.

The Mane Objective will still live on, but I'm re-committing to producing and refreshing more of the content that will educate, inspire, and help your hair thrive. Too much of what happens on social media, YouTube, and blogs is about shoving sponsored products down people's throats, and that's not what I want my contribution to the natural hair community to rest on.

I'm still gonna be the same ol' Christina Patrice, but with a lot less #sponsored #ad #brandpartner action. I know the route I'm pursuing isn't popular, sexy, or one that will drive boatloads of followers my way, but I'm okay with that. My #1 goal is to always be a resource, and cutting through the crap is one of the best ways I know how to do exactly that.

I'm excited for this next leg of the journey, y'all. Thanks for rocking with me, rolling with this series, and supporting the content I create! Stay tuned for the video where I talk about everything in this post a bit more!


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