How to Keep Dry Curly Hair Moisturized and Sealed this Fall & Winter

How to Keep Dry Curly Hair Moisturized and Sealed this Fall & Winter

If you've been a reader around these parts for a while, then you already know I'm a huge fan of changing regimens seasonally. Every few months, the environment presents a different set of challenges for curly hair. During the spring and summer there's humidity, increased sun exposure, dry (hot) air, and more.

In fall and winter, we're up against moisture loss from cold air (it sucks all of that hard-earned hydration right from our strands... just trifilin'). Wrestling with sweaters, jackets, and scarves that snag our ends and cause strands to snap. Trying to fight back against dryness from blaring car, office, and home heaters.

Without intervention, these stressors create the perfect storm that can lead to breakage, extra frizz, split ends, stalled growth, and of course, dry, dull curls.

So how do you fight back?

With a fall and winter ready regimen focused on moisturizing and sealing from root to end, every step of the way. Around this time last year, I added Pydana Collection products to my cold weather arsenal. After seeing how soft, shiny, and moisturized Pydana Collection kept my hair last year, I knew without a doubt that they'd be back in my regimen rotation for fall and winter 2019.

If you're tired of putting in allllladis work on wash day, only to have hair that dries out faster than a chicken breast in the oven, you've come to the right place. Here's your five-step plan to fight back against harsh fall and winter conditions, and take your natural hair from dry and dull to moisturized, soft, and full of life:

Step 1: Cleanse (with Shampoo)
I know, I know. Sudsing up your strands with shampoo seems counterproductive to the goal of keeping dry, curly hair moisturized. But here's the thing. One of the major culprits of dry, crunchy-feeling hair is actually product buildup. The moisture and softness we so desperately crave (especially during fall and winter) is often held hostage by dirt, oil, gel, butter, and other gunk that's stuck to our strands.

The truth is, the rest of these steps for keeping dry curly hair moisturized and sealed won't even matter until you get on board with this one. If you're not shampooing at all (exclusively co-washing), I strongly recommend working a shampoo like the Pydana Collection Gentle Cleanse Shampoo into your regimen at least once a month, until you feel comfortable doing it more frequently.

Step 2: Deep Condition (with Heat)
đź—Ł️Hey low porosity girls — this tip is especially important for you! If you expect to rock moisturized natural hair in fall and winter (not just shiny looking, but actually moisturized and sealed), then you absolutely cannot skip this step. The science says it all — your deep conditioner works better when it's warm

In these colder months, I'm reaching for the Pydana Collection Avocado & Babassu Deep Moisture Treatment. Combining this ultra-moisturizing deep conditioner with heat ensures that every single drop of babassu, avocado, and aloe vera goodness deeply penetrates into dry hair.

There are a number of ways to ensure your deep conditioner is warm enough to work wonders, but hands down, one of the best ways to do it is with a Thermal cap from Pydana Collection.

Y'all, listen.

How to Keep Dry Curly Hair Moisturized and Sealed this Fall & Winter

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, louder for the people in the back: Pydana has the BEST microwavable deep conditioning cap, PERIODT. I've had my Okoye print Thermal Cap for a year now, and even with regular use, it has shown absolutely NO signs of wear and tear. The stunning print hasn't faded or turned. The elastic band hasn't given out at all. The inner contents and lining have not burned. Best of all, it maintains warmth for 30 minutes, easily.

Y'all, I've used caps by another brand đź‘€, and they fell apart with a lot less use. So listen to me when I say that the Pydana Collection Thermal Cap is 137% QUALITY craftswomanship all the way around.

Here's the bottom line: if you want to freely multitask around the house while ensuring that your hair gets the moisture it needs, Pydana Collection is the way to go. Trust me.

Step 3: LCO
When temperatures drop, your best bet for keeping hair moisturized and sealed is with the LCO method. Because cold air literally sucks the moisture out of your hair, layering in products is the absolute key to fighting off dry hair and achieving style longevity. My cold weather LCO combo of choice is the Pydana Collection Moisture LOC Kit, featuring the Avocado Herbal Silk Leave-In Conditioner, Marula & Cupuacu 3-in-1 Intensive Moisturizer, and Luscious Locks Hair Oil. Each product contains key ingredients that penetrate, nourish, moisturize, and seal each strand.

They're also free from from silicones, drying alcohols, shea butter, and coconut oil. That last one is super important during fall and winter. I love me some coconut oil, but when the oil in the jar turns solid, I put it away. Why? Because if it gets hard in the jar due to the cold air, just imagine what it'll do on your hair!

In the video, you'll see me apply the Pydana Collection Moisture LOC Kit products in the following order, after ensuring my hair is soaking wet with warm water:

How to Keep Dry Curly Hair Moisturized and Sealed this Fall & Winter

Avocado Herbal Silk Leave-InPacked with avocado oil, aloe vera juice, and vitamin B5, this leave-in conditioner helps to maintain the hair's internal moisture by providing it with water and other vital nutrients to absorb. It also aids in moisture retention by smoothing the hair and smoothing the cuticle layer.

Marula & Cupuacu 3-in-1 Intensive Moisturizer: Rich in cupuacu, marula, olive, and rice bran oils, this cream provides the hair intense moisture and nourishment. Packed with ingredients designed to combat moisture loss and help seal the cuticle layer, the Marula & Cupuacu 3-in-1 helps to form a protective, yet penetrable layer that maintains moisture and softness long after wash day ends.

Luscious Locks Hair OilThis lightweight, yet effective blend of nutrient-rich oils is where sealing all that moisture into the hair happens. Sealing is what prevents the rapid evaporation of water from the hair that can leave it feeling dry. Not to mention, it provides additional softness, shine, and protection from friction against your clothing.

Step 4: Let it Set
In warmer weather, I'm more inclined to apply my leave-ins and such in the shower to dripping wet hair, style, and air dry. But when it's a smooth 60 degrees and freezing (no judgment please), nobody has time for that. And here's where the biggest game-changer for moisturizing and sealing goes down: let it set.

How to Keep Dry Curly Hair Moisturized and Sealed this Fall & Winter

I know, I'm not the first person ever to suggest letting your leave-in and cream soak in before styling. But there's an added twist — go ahead and heat your Pydana Collection Thermal Cap back up. That's right — we're going to use a little more gentle heat to soak that ultra-moisturizing goodness directly into our strands. Low porosity naturals, you're going to love this!

In the video above, I leave the Pydana Collection Thermal Cap on my hair for another 15-20 minutes, then go right into styling. The benefits are twofold — one, the penetration of product ensures that my hair remains moisturized and sealed for longer. Two, it significantly cuts down on drying time — regardless of whether I choose to air dry or sit under a dryer.

Step 5: Style & Protect
When it comes to maintaining moisture and fighting off dry hair, your style of choice is important. Many naturals go into protective styling mode for the cold months, and you can totally ride that wave if you choose. I prefer to rock my wash and go's year-round, so I choose to embrace step 4, add my gel of choice, and get on with it.

I use a bit of Luscious Locks Hair Oil to fluff my hair, gently stretch with a blow dryer, and band the front half of my curls. Since I usually style and set my hair at night, I sleep on it stretched, and wake up the next morning ready to go — with soft, moisturized, and shiny curls that pop!

How to Keep Dry Curly Hair Moisturized and Sealed this Fall & Winter

However you style your hair during fall and winter, keep these important tips in mind:
  • Always sleep with a satin scarf and/or pillowcase (I use both)
  • Every 3 days or so, re-apply a few drops of Luscious Locks Hair Oil to the ends of your hair to help prevent snagging and splitting on clothes
  • Be gentle (and patient) with your hair
  • Avoid styles that pull your edges too tight
  • Ease up on products with coconut oil high on the ingredient list for now

And that's it! In five easy steps, you can take your natural hair from dry and dull to moisturized, sealed, and poppin' all season long! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them down below!

Note: This post is sponsored by Pydana Collection.


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