Product Review: Aussie Moist Conditioner

The further I delve into my natural hair challenge (no heat til May 17th!), the more I  realize the integral necessity for certain products. I always knew conditioner was muy importante, and it has always been one of my favorites to stock up on. Because I tend to be a product junkie, I bounce from brand to brand, type to type – in search of a mini miracle in a bottle – split end repair, softening, detangling, and curl defining. However, I always overlooked one key property, because I assumed it was inherent in all conditioners – moisture. After some henna adventures that could have been more successful (moisture-wise), and realizing how many proteins are in my products, I had an epiphany – my hair needs moisture. Not oil, moisture. There are some integral differences between the two, and I will blog about that later.

After doing some trolling around on some of my favorite haircare sites (Black Girl with Long HairThe Natural Haven, Curly Nikki) and conducting my favorite kind of search (of the Google variety), I saw one commonly highly recommended product, raved about because of it's effectiveness and affordability: Aussie Moist Conditioner. A lightbulb went off – Hey! I used to use Aussie back in the day... but I can't remember why I stopped using it. Wait, yes I do. I'm a product junkie, and somewhat of a hype beast. I hop from bottle to bottle. Hopefully The Mane Objective can tame the beast within me – and help me keep better record of what I actually use, and what it does for me.

Like the junkie I am, I headed to Target to grab a huge bottle (29.2 oz) of Aussie Moist Conditioner for $5.54. Can't beat that kind of pricing with a stick. Continue reading for my process and review...

Step 2: Dry gently with a towel
Stetp 3: Apply Aussie Moist Conditioner generously to hair and cover with plastic cap
Step 4: Let the conditioner chill for 15 minutes (no heat)
Step 5: Rinse out
Step 6: Detangle time! Click here for my detangle routine
Step 7: Twist and cover with satin cap or bonnet

Review & Results
Goodness gracious this stuff smells AWESOME! Like heaven in a bottle. There are only a few scents that genuinely excite me (like cherry almond Jergens), and the smell of Aussie Moist has now made it to that list. I can't explain it, but it just smells soooooo....GOOD. Ok, now on to the actual performance review.

Ingredient List: water, stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, glutamic acid, fragrance, bis-aminopropyl dimethicone, benzyl alcohol, edta, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, ecklonia radiata (australian sea kelp) extract, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, aloe barbadensis leaf juice extract
Ingredient Analysis (Nerds, rejoice!):
  • stearyl alcohol & cetyl alcohol -- Considered "fatty alchols" -- NOT to be confused with drying alcohols such as ethyl. Both Stearyl and cetyl alcohol are lubricants, thickeners, and emollients. They give conditioner its velvety feel without making hair greasy. Also used to keep product ingredients from separating. 
  • stearamidopropyl dimethylamine -- A derivative of stearic fatty acid that is used to keep ingredients from separating, as well as provide "slip" (useful for easy detangling). Dimethylamine is alkaline, and can be corrosive if it has not been properly neutralized. (I believe Aussie's is neutralized).
  • glutamic acid -- An amino acid found in hair that is used as a humectant (moisturizer). In beauty products, it usually derived from vegetable proteins.
  • bis-aminopropyl dimethicone -- A high performance conditioning polymer that provides deep conditioning, targeted conditioning to areas of particularly damaged hair, protect from thermal damage, increase color retention, resist buildup, and provide gloss and shine.
  • benzyl alcohol -- An alcohol that can be drying/irritating in large amounts
  • EDTA --Chelating ingredient that attracts minerals away from the hair shaft, and helps to remove dulling residues. Especially good in hair after swimming in chlorinated water.
  • methylchoroisothiazolinone & methylisolthiazolinone -- A preservative combination that may irritate sensitive scalps.
  • Austrialian sea kelp -- Has water binding properties in hair (i.e. moisture retention)
  • jojoba seed oil -- Emollient that coats the hair shaft (its molecular structure prevents it from penetrating the cuticle) and aids in providing slip and protection.
  • aloe leaf juice extract -- A humectant with scalp-soothing (inflammation reducing properties)
Availability: Excellent. Available at basically any commercial retailer (Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, grocery stores, etc.)
Affordability: Excellent. A fairly large supply (29.2 oz) for well under $10
Product Claim/Description: "With splashes of Australian Aloe, Jojoba Oil, and Sea Kelp helps seal in natural moisture and takes thirsty tresses from hapless to hydrated"
Performance/Delivery: Left my hair feeling moisturized, but not greasy and weighed down.
Bonuses: Gave my hair incredible body, made after-rinse detaangling pretty easy, and smells like a DREAM!
Drawbacks: I wish it had a little more slip, because then I would consider detangling with it in my hair. Would be a nice bonus, but I can definitely live without it.
Bottom Line: Definitely worth a try. If your hair could use some TLC, then give this a go. Even if it doesn't work for you, it's not an expensive fufu product that will cost you your first born child.

#shoutout to Tightly Curly for the Hair Product Ingredient Dictionary. Truly a woman after my own heart.

Do you have an awesome moisturizing conditioner? Or, are there any products you would like to see reviewed on The Mane Objective? E-mail and let me know!


  1. I recently tried this product and absolutely love the way it makes my hair feel. I'm also a product junkie and I feel silly when I think of all the money I've wasted chasing after expensive products that don't perform.

    1. Hey Linda, same here. Generally, my staple products are super cheapie, like Aussie Moist or Trader Joe's. Whenever I get a splurge product, I make sure it's on sale, or I have some sort of coupons or discount...something. I can't be spending money all willy nilly! Lol

  2. WOW 😮 you have blown me away with the effort and attention to detail put in to the article and review! Thank you. I hope to give reviews like this one day.

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