Fresh Feature: The Satin Pillowcase

[Fast forward to 1:50... unless you enjoy Katt Williams' crusade against MJ]

"I got a regular bed with regular pillows, and I got two pillows with a silk cover on em. That's not for me! That's in case [expletive] wanna come over there and don't feel like wrappin' they got [expletive] hair up, they ain't gotta [expletive] up they perm [expletive] wit a [expletive]!" -- Katt Williams

Hopefully, that cracked you up a little bit on the inside. Everyone I know thought Pimp Chronicles was theeee most hilarious thing ever...and I agree. What I loved though, was the element of truth present in all of Williams' jokes. Yep, even the silk pillowcase.

Disregard the semi-stank face 
I know by now, you've well aware that in order to protect your hair, retain moisture, prevent fuzzies and such, you're supposed to cover your hair each night with a satin bonnet or scarf. You can use silk too, if you're ballin' like that. I'm not gonna lie, some nights I don't feel like fighting with the scarves and bonnets. Other nights, I don't want my hair to flatten out. What's a girl to do? Listen to Katt Williams. Seriously, amid all the cussin' he dropped some knowledge. If you're not a big fan of tying down/covering/wrapping your hair, a satin pillowcase is for you!

I purchased my satin pillowcase from Wal-Mart (sorry Target...even with your new focus on ethnic and natural neglected to throw this one on the shelves) for about $8. Satin pillowcases are also available at Sally Beauty Supply for about a dollar more. I went with the Evolve brand at Wal-Mart because, was bright pink. I like bright colors. For absolutely no reason. But anywho, I digress.

For continuity, I will use the same metrics to evaluate the pillowcase as I do all my Fresh Features. So bear with me.
Standard sized - fit my pillow well!
Ingredient List: 100% satin pillowcase, obviously fuchsia dye, and a zipper.
Ingredient Analysis: No complaints here.
Availability: Good. Carried by two major stores, but I wish Target would get on the satin pillowcase train.
Affordability: Excellent.Good quality and under $10.
Product Claim/Description:Protects hair & maintains moisture at night, available in fun colors, zipper closure.
Performance/Delivery: I woke up with the same amount of moisture in my hair that I went to sleep with. Emphasis on moisture, not wetness. No frizzies either (besides what I already had in my crown area before sleeping).
Bonuses: I sleep like a wild woman. Having a zipper closure was a GENIUS idea. Also, I would sometimes get headaches where the knot in my scarf was tied. No more headaches!
Bottom Line: Go buy one. NOW. Like, right now right now. It will change your life. 

Sleep tight!


  1. So glad I found your site and review of this product. I am looking to buy my little girl one of these because she very rarely likes wearing a satin bonnet or scarf to sleep...she's rarely able to keep them on when she sleeps anyways. So yeah, I definitely need one of these for her. I thought of getting one from Oyin Handmade, but figured I'd try this one at half the price, and of course since your review convinced me. Thanks for the great review. I am really hoping this works well for my daughter.

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