Split End Reversal... Is It Possible?

Conventional wisdom says, once the damage is done to our ends, it is done. There is no undo, no backspace, and certainly no fusing back together.... right? Late last year, Tresemme launched a new line, Split Remedy. The claim? That the use of their products could reduce up to 80% of split ends after just 3 uses. sounds too good to be true, right? According to Tresemme, each product in the line contains their unique Reconstructing Complex that actually binds split ends and keeps working to fix damage and bind splits as they occur. The reconstructing complex is actually a polyelectrolyte complex, which contains a negatively charged ion (PVM/MA copolymer), and a positively charged ion (Polyquaternium-28). Think back to your middle school science classes -- ions of the same charge repel each other. Therefore, ions of two different charges are attracted to each other. This physical property is the science behind why your hair is able to re-stick to itself. Pretty cool, huh? Watch the vid below for the visual:

Crazy, right? I mean, a product that could put an end to split ones is...dare I say it? Revolutionary. As your resident Product Junkie, I (naturally) ran out and stocked up on 2 bottles of Split Remedy Conditioner, and the Split End Sealing Serum. I skipped out on the shampoo, because it contains sulfates (which cause my hair to SPAZZ out!). I tried out the conditioner when I was still in my heavy wash n' go phase, and very much into leaving conditioner in my hair.

The conditioner smell isn't too bad. Not as good as Aussie Moist, but not terrible either. I especially loved how much slip it has -- a detangling dream. As a rinse out it functioned ok. It gave my hair moisture, but not enough to write home about. As a leave-in, it definitely held and defined my curls. Unfortunately, as the day wore on my hair began to feel dry. I didn't want to add any oils to the conditioner, for fear of interacting with the reconstructing complex.

Ok, on to the bottome line that you're all wondering about -- does it work? Short answer: Yep, it sure does. After just one use, I noticed a significant decrease in my split ends. The ends of my hair looked whole, like the split ends just magically disappeared. I assumed with repaired ends would come additional thickness, but don't hold your breath for it. Split end repair, yes. Miracle in a bottle, halfway.

I say halfway because, as long as you use the product, it works. It won't repair 100% of splits, but you will definitely notice a drastic difference with continued use. The flip side of that coin is what happens when you stop using the product. The reconstructing complex is not a permanent binding system for your hair -- with regular wash and even just regular wear, the ends will begin to fray again. As I transitioned away from wash n' gos, I began incorporating the serum into my routine. It is about the same consistency as any other serum, and doesn't weigh down hair (although I will have to test this product out on straightened hair in May). Again, with continued use of the line comes positive results. My split ends are down significantly -- which I attribute to my use of products plus increased trimming (for thickening purposes).

At the end of the day, conventional wisdom remains true. You cannot repair a split end -- at least not permanently. Can you fake the funk for a while? Sure, as long as you have some Tresemme Split Remedy handy. Just remember that ultimately, the best cure is prevention. As your hair grows, make sure regular trims, moisturizing, and protecting ends are a part of your routine.

Have you tried Split Remedy, or any other product lines that contain a reconstructing complex? How did it work for you?