The Mini Twist Blues....

In my never ending quest to incorporate more protective styling into my hair care regimen, I decided to challenge myself Sunday and rock mini twists for an entire week. Small potatoes for y'all, I know. But for me, not having unbridled access to my hair (to twirl around my finger, or hide behind on a frumpy day) is no small feat. As I tenderly said goodbye to my locks with each twist, I assured myself that this small, albeit difficult, sacrifice was necessary for the betterment of my hair.

Monday, I felt pretty okay with all my hair pinned and bundled out of my face. Besides, my twists (although loose), were fresh and looked neat. I thought to myself that this may not be so bad after all. I couldn't be more wrong! Tuesday rolled around and I was ready to call it QUITS! My twists took on a mind of their own, and untwisted and fuzzied at their leisure. As I complained to my ever patient boyfriend (shout out to my Fubby, who indulges my every hair whim <3), he suggested that I simply re-twist the ones that needed some extra TLC, and keep it pushing for the week. Siiiiigh. It would be SO much easier to just give up and rock a bun. Who would have thought that I would ever, ever, ever choose a bun as a desired hair style? If that ain't a sign of desperation, I don't know what is. Deep down inside, I knew he was right. So Tuesday night, with a heavy heart, I spent another two hours (these little buggers took FOREVER) twisting and re-twisting my hair.

The first time around, (Sunday night) I used Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. This time around, I used water and the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque (sparingly). Because my ends are blunt and uncooperative, I searched for a way to keep my twists from unraveling. Then, I had a eureka! moment. I happened to be reading about Curly Nikki's bun using loose Curlformers, and turned longingly toward my 4 unopened packages of Flexi Rods. Yes, I have yet to do my Flexi Rod set. Maybe this weekend. Maybe. (I feel like I say that every weekend) Anywho, I decided to open one pack and go to town on the ends of my twists. I wrapped the ends of my hair around the Flexi Rods in an upward spiral, then just coiled the remaining portion of the rod around my straight twists. I used 10 total, and the next morning, and I couldn't be happier with the results! My ends stayed, my twists had awesome curl and body, and style.
Can you see the henna color?

Here we are Thursday, and I am still happy with the results...well, about as happy as I can be given the circumstances. There is still some curl and body left, even though I didn't re-Flexi Rod my ends last night. I just piled everything into a satin bonnet. Although I am glad to have found a new way to rock my twists, I must lay them to rest tonight. I wanted to make it all the way through Friday, but I just can't. My ends need some TLC. I need my hair out of my face and off of my clothes. My scalp is begging for a massage. Most importantly, I'm just tired of twists. And I can't wait to try out this new protective style I found.

 Do you twist? How do you like it?