The Mane Objective on Facebook!

Hey Lovelies!

In case you haven't heard via my personal Facebook page, or Instagram (@maneobjective)... there's now a Facebook page! Be sure to visit and click Like!

Also, got a new logo (for now). What do ya'll think?

Stay tuned for new stuff coming this week/weekend...hint hint, it involves (safe) heat.


  1. I had to quit Facebook because there were many golddiggers who begged for money for pencils and pens. I fell in love with Twitch later for its awesome video content.

  2. Begging for pencils on Facebook? Wow, that sucks. Anyway, I like Twitch too, but hadn't been able to get natural followers for a long time. So someone like you suggested I should read this article so I read. And now thanks to him and God, people started to follow me too. So the topic starter might perhaps try out this new social media too.