Attention, Natural Hair Small Business Owners: Get Featured on Black Girl with Long Hair

Hey everyone!

So I'm gearing up this month to do a pretty extensive article for BGLH, featuring super dope alternatives to mainstream natural hair products and brands. So you know what that means, right? I'm reaching out!!!

Drop me a line here in the comments, or e-mail with the subject line "Small Business" with some of your favorite product lines and accessory brands (with e-mail addresses and websites if possible). Or, if you're a natural hair entrepreneur yourself shoot me an e-mail at the addy above with the subject line "Small Business Owner".

I'm looking to crank this article out before the end of July, so please be cognizant of the following deadlines:
  • Submit your lines and brands for consideration by Monday, July 15th
  • Lines and brands selected will be confirmed by Tuesday, July 16th
  • Details and info(samples, etc.) will be confirmed by Wednesday, July 24th
I'm counting on you all!!! Make sure your brands and favorites are featured :-)


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