Sale Alert: Miss Jessie's for the LA Curlies


I think Jesus wants me to leave Miss Jessie alone... or at least stop dragging her name through the mud. He might even go as far as making me eat my words.

My typical Miss Jessie's rant involves the following points
  • cheap ingredients (i.e. petrolatum and mineral oil)
  • the ingredients don't justify the ridiculous price point
Before the end of this week, I just might be eating (some) of my words.


1. I was able to cop some Jelly Soft Curls samples for $1 (click here to find out how I got around the 2 sample limit), and they don't contain those dreadful ingredients.

2. I just happened to waltz into OK Beauty in Hawthorne (cross streets: Hawthorne and El Segundo, in the same lot as Albertson' door to Subway, AT&T and get it by now), and what was the first thing I saw? A table full of Super Sweetback Treatment and Creme De La Curl marked down for these prices:

I'm convinced Jesus wants me to stop giving Miss Jessie a hard time. For my LAers, head to OK Beauty on Hawthorne and El Segundo and grab some Super Sweetback Treatment for only $14.99 (regularly $48-50 online and in stores), and some Creme De La Curl for $7.99 (regularly $14-16 online and in stores). FYI neither contains dreaded petrolatum or mineral oil. #salealert #sale #bargain #LAonly #missjessies
Basically, they're selling Miss Jessie's for the price that it should be. The Super Sweetback Treatment normally retails for $48 online and at Target, while the Creme De La Curl goes for $14 in stores and online.
So yes, LA ladies...go on and grab some Miss Jessie's from OK Beauty. And grab it quick. For one, they were iffy on the "end date" of the sale (they said this week, then 1 or 2 weeks...ahh gotta love hood Beauty Supply Stores). Two, if I try this stuff between now and Friday and find that I like it... I just might buy it all up. You know I'm good for it...remember my Giovanni Haul at Ulta? Yeah.
Go'n get you some.


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