6 Ways to Cut Time in Your Regimen

Summer is over, and school is back in session. That means busy moms, kids, college curlies, and working naturals are once again squeezed for time with densely packed calendars and schedules.  While some naturals have the luxury of spending hours upon hours managing their manes, there are some of us who can barely carve out time to go to the restroom, let alone give our hair the TLC it needs. Click here for six ways to cut back on time spent on your hair without sacrificing taking great care of it.



  1. I'd love to put my hair in a bun. My hair is about shoulder length and because I'm transitioning from heat damage and refuse to use heat, once I get my hair in a pony tail its sooo short. Any recommendations???

  2. What are you using to ponytail? I never use scrunchies, they make my hair look short. Try a banana clip to secure your hair close to the roots, or double-loop an elastic headband. Here's more info on the banana clip one:


    I don't have a write up or video about double looping the elastic headband, although I'm sure there's some YouTube videos on it. Hope this helps!

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