The Best Henna Treatment EVER!!!!!!!!

As you all know, I love me some henna. In fact, my henna use pre-dates my official transition start. I've been at it for nearly 2 years now! Back in the dark ages, I would saunter down to Whole Foods or Sprouts and pick up a box of Light Mountain Henna, and spend the next week washing and shaking twigs and bramble out of my hair. Then, I upgraded to Jamila Body Art Quality Henna. My life has never been the same. The process is easier, the results are better, and I've pretty much got my mix down to a good ol' fashioned family recipe. I won't call it a science because I don't measure anything. I just eyeball - like you would your Great Aunt Millie's Cornbread Stuffing.

At least I thought I had everything down packed.

My mix is relatively straightforward:
  • 1 box of Jamila BAQ Henna (click here and here for the folks I purchase mine from on eBay)
  • Some really generous squeezes of protein-free conditioner (if I had to guess, I'd say like 3/4 of a cup) such as Trader Joe's Nourish Spa or Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter
  • 2 - 3 heaping spoons of Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil
  • A few pours of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (unfiltered, with mother), equivalent to about an ounce
  • Hot water (maybe like half a cup or so)
I'd mix all the ingredients together until they formed a greek yogurt-like consistency. Adding the water in last (and slowly!) is key - it's the easiest way to avoid having a too-watery mix. Add a little, stir. Repeat. Then I'd go on about my business, slapping henna all over my head (wearing gloves of course...who wants orange hands and nails?), and tying it up. If it's a late night sesh, I'll sleep in it overnight. If it's a daytime thing, I walk around in a beanie for a few hours.

This time around, I had a grand idea. I was knee deep in a review of Purgasm Shop's Fetish Fix Box (coming soon), and realized I had a bundle of Wild Cherry Treatment Hair Truffles staring me in the face. I remembered how much I loved them in my previous review - so I said hey, why not? I threw a truffle into an empty clean container, and added a wee bit of piping hot water per the instructions (like 2 tablespoons) to break the truffle down into a clumpy mix. I wasn't terribly concerned about the consistency, so I just folded into my henna mix that I had already made. After whipping it in really well, I applied Henna 2.0 to my head.

Feeling the time crunch, I went ahead and sat under the dryer for 30 minutes with my head covered, to get the henna party going. I thought the decreased amount of heat would render the treatment less effective, but boy was I WRONG! After I rinsed my hair out (normally I would cowash it out and follow up with a deep conditioning, but my aforementioned time crunch had other plans), I stood in the mirror and said to myself, "this can't be life!"

Clip from my video reaction.... YES!!!

No, my hair wasn't horrible looking. IT WAS AMAZING. My curls popped in a way they never do after a henna session. My hair was so soft, silky, and moisturized, I didn't need or want to put any conditioner on it. I couldn't believe it. Nothing else in my mix has changed recently - so I have to attribute the newfound greatness to the Purgasm Shop Wild Cherry Treatment Hair Truffle. This was only a week ago - and I'm getting excited just thinking about the next time I get to henna. Yes, it was that good. I video recorded my reaction to the henna treatment (hopefully I'll get to throw it in a video soon), but I kid you not when I say my hair has never felt like this after a henna treatment.

I'm so in love. Wild Cherry Treatment Hair Truffles go in my henna mixes from now on!!!

For more deets on the benefits of henna, click here for my previous post. Note to readers: I stopped that green tea and paprika foolishness a long time ago. I should be drinking the green tea, and seasoning food with paprika. I noticed no tangible benefits from either, so water it is -- and no spices!


  1. I'm definetly gonna try this! my hair needs all the pop it can get