I got a Deva Cut! Heat Damage Be GONE!

I'm here ya'll! It's really going down @devachanculvercity! They're diffusing my hair because well, it's still wet from my wash and go this morning. 😕 #chopcountdown
Me at the Devachan Salon in Culver City, CA...no, that's not Sergio :)
Originally, I was supposed to just meet with Sergio to get a consultation. Two days ago, I was just *considering* the possibilities of just getting rid of the rest of my heat damage. Then after doing some serious soul searching, and reading all the encouraging comments on Instagram, I changed my consultation appointment to a haircut appointment with Sergio, whom I had virtually stalked via Instagram (@devachanculvercity) and on YouTube.

I'm saving all the amazeballs details for my video & photo compilation, but I just want to drop 3 things really quickly:
  • It wasn't as traumatic as I expected,
  • The Salon staff are all HECKA nice...and the salon is too!
  • The cut was $80, which was totally worth it. The whole process from start to finish (the photo above is them diffusing my still wet from my morning wash and go hair, before my cut) took about 3 hours. They dry cut (the Deva way), cleansed, conditioned, styled, and dried my hair - all while giving me care and education lessons along the way.
I'm super excited about the cut. I can't wait to show ya'll the full experience!

And the final results! Well, this morning at least. Last night, my hair was styled with DevaCurl B'Leave-In and Ultra Defining Gel. I just freshened it up this morning with a little @soultanicals Mango Dip Detangling Slip and stretched the front (like I normally have to do) with two clips. Ya'll were right! I love the softness, body, and everything! If you're in or near LA, I totally recommend @surgeoh at @devachanculvercity!!! #DevaCut #naturalhair #heatdamagebegone  #bigchop (kinda) #trialsntresses #naturalhairdaily #naturalhairuniverse #emergingnaturalistas #curlygirlcollective #curlkitchen
Next day hair with my Deva Cut!


  1. Is the deva cut still $80? I really want to cut my hair, but the salon prices I've found are beginning to deter me. $80 seems to be the cheapest i've seen for a cut, and then I want to color my hair as well. Ohh Lord, this is really taking out of my Christmas money.

  2. $80 is as cheap as you're going to get lol. Unfortunately, curly cuts are a beauty racket -- and most stylists charge $100+. And color will essentially double that....sorry :( Good luck!!!